The Shocking Truth About Aspirin – It Does NOT Work! (part 2)

In my previous article, I wrote about aspirin and all of its health related problems. It became somewhat controversial and we received a TON of emails, questions and so forth. BUT, it was nice to see educated doctors and researchers emailing me and giving praise and backing up my information.

Anyway, if you missed it or need a reminder, please (re)read it again. Let’s continue where we left off …

It’s NOT A “Nutrient” or “Supplement” …

There was a study done about a year ago that when doctors asked patients if they take any DRUGS on a regular basis, the response was usually NO … only some vitamins and an aspirin daily for my heart”.

Umm … did you read that? … They answered “NO” when asked if they take drugs and yet, they ARE taking a DRUG – it’s called aspirin!

The reason most answered “no” is because aspirin has become so common and accepted, that most consider it a nutrient or a “supplement”, instead of the CHEMICAL poison it really is. Over 27 MILLION people take it daily, “just because” and without giving it a second thought. No differently than they do their multi-vitamins.

Heck, they take their aspirin more consistently on a daily basis, than they do their vitamins!

The REAL Ingredient Behind Aspirin’s
“Heart-Healthy” Benefits

The massive ERROR that glorified aspirin as a preventive compound was brought about by a group of bungling doctors who tested it and concluded that there was a resulting “40 percent reduction in non-fatal heart attacks”. The researchers’ mistake was so awesomely simple that it will make you wonder if you can trust any American research anymore.

What the investigators used in their study was not just aspirin but Bufferin, which contains a good dose of magnesium.

By including magnesium, which itself prevents blood clots, dilates blood vessels, and prevents dangerous heart irregularities – the doctors completely invalidated their aspirin research.

In fact, I would venture to say, based on what I know about magnesium and on the mounting evidence against aspirin, that the “aspirin part” of this combination didn’t have anything to do with that “40 percent reduction in heart attack risk.” My money’s on magnesium as the ingredient that did *MOST* of the good work.

But the pharmaceutical companies (they are very smart when it comes to making cash) jumped on the study and revolutionized the use of aspirin, increasing its sale 100-fold. Every year, 40 million pounds of aspirin are produced in the United States – 200 tablets for every man, woman, and child. At the rate things are going, that may not be enough.

Simple Action Steps & Alternatives To Aspirin

  • WHITE WILLOW BARK – Pain Relief
    If you feel that you need an aspirin-like pill in your diet on a daily basis (and most likely you don’t) then take white willow bark instead. It contains salicin, the natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory substance that served as the basis for modern-day aspirin. It will relieve your pain and swelling exactly like aspirin, but without the bleeding problems, heart attack risk, or potential for long-term vision loss. (found in Blood Flow Optimizer)
  • COD LIVER OIL – Better Blood Flow
    Cod liver oil, which is also readily available, will help your blood flow more smoothly and also help alleviate pain and inflammation. Take four pills a day. In fact, most fish oils will do a great job (I’ll write an article about this in the very near future.)
  • BROMALAIN – Reduce Inflammation
    Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples, is another natural option for preventing blood clots and easing inflammation (best for preventing inflammation). It’s available in health food stores as well. Just be sure you take it on an empty stomach or else, it’ll digest the food you eat instead of reducing inflammation.
  • NATTOKINASE – “Clot Busting” Enzyme
    If you really need blood clot relief, you can also try Nattokinase. It’s made from a Japanese food product called natto. Natto, the food, is a goopy, stinking fermented cheese made from soybeans. It smells like dirty socks…. that’s why it’s better to take it in supplement form. It’s a great clot-busting enzyme, one that I highly recommend.
  • MAGNESIUM – The “Wonder” Mineral
    Of course, don’t forget to take some magnesium as well. Take about 400 mgs a day. The best form is a BLEND of Glycinate, Citrate, Aspartate and Oxide, which is found in Blood Flow Optimizer.
  • Vitamin K2 (MK-7) – The Artery Cleaner
    Magnesium is very important as stated above because it also helps balance your calcium intake, so it is absorbed properly. But MK-7 is the only form of vitamin K2 that specializes in pulling calcium out of the bloodstream and delivering it to your bones where it’s needed most. This is good for your bones, but also needed to keep your arteries clean from plaque buildup. (found in Blood Flow Optimizer)

 What’s The “Best” Solution?…

As some of you may know, both my parents have been dealing with “heart” issues since 1999. My mom mainly had high cholesterol problems, due to aging and menopause.

In addition to high cholesterol, my dad also had blood flow problems and that was due to his genetics, since his dad and mom both had a stroke. Because of this, I created 2 different products for them, which work in synergy with each other.

  1. CholesLo – Was first designed to help improve my parent’s cholesterol levels, HDL/LDL ratios, lowers triglycerides, Homocysteine levels and other lipids. So, it’s a very complete solution for total heart health.They got off statin prescription drugs due to the negative side-effects and started taking CholesLo and they’ve had healthy cholesterol and lipid levels since.
  2. Blood Flow Optimizer – This was later designed primarily for my dad, even though my mom also takes it. Blood Flow Optimizer helps improve blood flow and circulation. It helps thin the blood like Aspirin or Plavix, but without the negative side-effects.Additionally, it also helps remove plaque and calcium build up in the arteries, which is one of the primary causes of a heart attack or stroke.

So, I’ve given you different solutions above. Individual ingredients, as well as “all-in-one” solutions such as CholesLo or Blood Flow Optimizer. Please select one of the options and take extra care of your heart and stay away from the drugs.

You have natural options that really work and are safe… so, no more excuses!