How to Control Your Cholesterol Levels

Today’s info-graphic does a nice job listing some interesting stats and also summarizing the different ways you can lower your cholesterol levels naturally. Please make sure you read my Summary at the end of the below info-graphic for specific details and solutions.


SOURCE: Cholesterol comes from the foods we eat, but the majority is made by your body in your liver. This is why it’s very important to detox your liver by drinking lots of water and taking nutrients such as NAC and Milk Thistle. Both help cleanse and repair your liver and that’s why I have them in CholesLo (the ONLY solution that does this!)

RESULTS: Of course you know that high cholesterol is one of the causes of heart disease, strokes and/or a heart attack. So please make sure you take action about this and not just depend on harmful drugs.

AGE: What’s really interesting is that “uncontrollable factors” is family history (genetics) and age (over the age of 40). This is exactly what I stated in my video, and I discovered over 15 years ago with both my parents.

Even though they ate well and exercised, it just wasn’t enough and that’s why they started taking natural herbs and vitamins. Because of the change in your hormones, your body requires different nutrients and this is why CholesLo is #1 rated by doctors.

SOLUTIONS: Obviously you MUST eat better and exercise. No “pill” can fix that. Unfortunately this can get confusing at times with all the contradictory and misinformation online, so have a video about this topic if you’re interested about life-style changes.

Secondly, you need to give your body specific nutrients (vitamins, herbs, amino acids and minerals) to help counteract the change in hormones due to aging. This is what I had to do for both my parents to get the natural results WITHOUT the statin drugs.

… so there you have it. Please take action today, while this is fresh on your mind.