Using Mudras for Anxiety

There are certainly many different types of herbs, medicines and natural treatments for relieving anxiety. One of the most ancient is also one of the best in terms of using a simple, physical discipline to bring about relief from anxiety.

Mudras have been used for thousands of years to help ease the mind and body, providing relief from a number of different conditions all without using any drugs, medicines or herbs. Mudras have shown to be a very safe, effective means of dealing with common anxiety issues.

What is a Mudra?

Basically, a mudra is a ritual gesture that is common in Buddhism and Hinduism. Mudras use the entire body, although many of the gestures primarily use the hands and fingers. While the gestures are spiritual in nature, they employ many time honored traditions that offer a positive effect on the body.

Mudras are used in the spiritual practices of India as well as the traditions of Taoism and Dharma. In tantric ritual, there are 108 different mudras that are used. Yoga also uses mudras in the precise poses that are practiced which are combined with breathing techniques as well.

How Mudras are Used to Relieve Anxiety

The secret to the mudras is the different techniques that are used when combined with different posses of fingers, hands and in some circumstances the body. There are certain mudras that are specific to relieving the effects of anxiety. Each technique should be held in place by a pre-determined length of time which is usually five to fifteen minutes.

Gyan: This particular mudra is one of the simplest. Simply touch the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb while keeping the other three fingers relatively straight. You can do this mudra at any time and it requires very little effort.

The benefits of the gyan include enhancing concentration, preventing insomnia and helping to cope with anxiety, anger and depression issues as well.

Sun: This particular mudra involves overlapping thumb on the second knuckle of the ring finger as it is pulled down across the palm. The other three fingers stay straight during this particular mudra. The sun mudra helps to reduce anxiety as well as deal with digestive issues and other problems in the body.

Abhaya Varada: This particular mudra is performed with the arms and hand. While standing, raise your left hand up to shoulder level with the palm facing forward while keeping your elbow tucked next to the side of your body. Place the right hand below the belly button with the palm facing upward in a cupping position. This particular mudra will help relieve your anxiety issues.

Pala: This mudra is similar to the Abhaya Varada. Here, you cup the left hand under the belly button with the palm facing upward while your right hand is placed just below the sternum and cupped facing downward. In essence, you are bracketing your stomach with both cupped hands. This will help relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

Overall, mudras are simple, helpful techniques which offer more peace of mind while helping you to fight the effects of anxiety.

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