3 Sex Advice Men Should IGNORE

⚠️ 3 Sex Advice Men Should IGNORE In 2023

So, here’s the deal – men tend to think about and want sex more, thanks to testosterone, but trust me, we’ve been fed some bogus info. First things first, let’s bust that myth about the size of your penis. Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal to us, but honestly, it matters more to us […]

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4 Ways To Lower Estrogen & Increase Testosterone

↘️ 4 Ways To Lower Estrogen & Increase Testosterone In 2023


So, did you know that high estrogen levels can be influenced by several factors? Things like what you eat, how much body fat you have, and your genetics can all come into play. But don’t worry, there are things you can do to get those levels back in check. You could try changing up your […]

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Stop feeling "Down". Build muscle & Look Great

💪😀 Stop Feeling “Down”. Build Muscle & Look Great In 2023

 Happiness is not a permanent state that we can achieve and hold on to forever. It’s a fleeting emotion that comes and goes. Increasing muscle mass can be helpful for increasing your overall happiness. Exercise releases chemicals such as endorphins, dopamine, and adrenaline, which will make you feel better. Additionally, having more muscle helps […]

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Doctor Reveals Best Protein Powder

🥤 The Best Protein Powder For 2023- Doctor Reveals!

Adding protein powder to your diet can make a big difference. It’s an easy way to get more protein every day, which is essential not only for building muscle but also for staying healthy. Whey isolate is the best protein powder out there because it has lots of essential amino acids and not much lactose. […]

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Does Testosterone Cause Acne & How To Prevent Pimples?

👉 Does Testosterone Cause Acne & How To Prevent It? (2023)

Today I’ll discuss: The primary cause of how testosterone can cause acne Secondary causes of acne And of course, how to reduce and even stop acne. Testosterone typically converts to 2 main hormones: DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) -is linked to hair loss, body hair growth, prostate problems, and yes – pimples Estrogen – which can cause extra […]

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Why TRT Won't Help Your Testosterone Issues!

⚠️Why TRT Won’t Help Your Testosterone Issues! (2023 update)


Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a hot topic and a big money maker for doctors. However, it may not always be effective and can even lead to impotence. To develop an effective treatment plan, it is very important to do a comprehensive hormone analysis. It must include free testosterone, estradiol, DHT, thyroid panel, and vitamin […]

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Eat This Much Protein For Maximum Muscle Growth

💪 Eat This Much Protein For Maximum Muscle Growth For 2023

If you want to achieve maximum muscle growth, it’s very important to understand your protein needs. These are based on age, health and goals. Generally, you should have at least one gram per pound of body weight, and adjust your intake as necessary. To achieve maximum muscle growth, it’s important to consume enough protein. Spread […]

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Fastest Way To Build Muscle: How Many Reps & Sets?

💪Fastest Way To Build Muscle In 2023: How Many Reps & Sets?


 To effectively build muscle, it’s important to try different strategies based on your experience and physical readiness. For instance, you may want to split your workouts into upper and lower body every other day. Or, divide them into push and pull exercises. Gradually increasing the number of sets you do for each body part […]

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Measuring Your Muscles For Growth - How Often?

💪Measuring Your Muscles For Growth – How Often? (2023 update)

 In order to accurately track your muscle growth progress, it’s essential to adopt a consistent and reliable method of measurement. Measuring your muscles every week may be tempting, but it’s not recommended. Muscle growth is a gradual process, especially for smaller muscles. Ideally, you should measure your muscles every three months at most to […]

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How To Maintain Strength, As You Get Older

💪 How To Maintain Strength, As You Get Older In 2023

 As we age, our strength can decline due to various factors such as degradation of ligaments and tendons. To maintain strength, you need to lift heavy weights within the range of 6-20 repetitions per set. For optimal results, try to focus on explosive movements that you can still control. You should also make sure […]

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