What Causes Low “Free Testosterone" & High SHBG

What Causes Low “Free Testosterone” & High SHBG

Having high testosterone levels is great, but having high “free testosterone” is much more important – as free testosterone is what is left to be used freely.  Consider your total testosterone as your gross income and free testosterone as net profit (what is left after expenses). In order to increase free testosterone you need to […]

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Erectile & Testosterone Problems Caused By Cholesterol?... [Total CONFUSION]

Erectile & Testosterone Problems Caused By Cholesterol?… [Total CONFUSION]


Video Summary Erectile problems affect so many men these days. Guys are also dealing with a huge problem of low testosterone levels. And if that isn’t bad enough, way more people are dealing with unhealthy high cholesterol levels. The Cause Of Erectile Problems Erectile problems are caused by many things – two primary factors being […]

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