7 Natural Alternatives to Sensa

Sensa is a doctor approved weight loss system that helps people feel more satisfied with less food in their system. It works to curb hunger pains and cravings so that fewer calories are consumed every day. It works thanks to key nutrients that help the body be able to better metabolize fats and carbohydrates, creating more chances for ketosis. People who use Sensa feel fuller with smaller portions and all they have to do is sprinkle it on the foods they eat like salt.

Issues with Sensa

The issue with Sensa is that the average weight loss that is experienced is rather negligible. According to Sensa’s own research, the average weight lost is less than 10 pounds over the course of 6 months. In comparison, healthy weight loss is up to 2 pounds per week, which means other diet plans and natural alternatives could provide up to 48 pounds of weight loss in the same amount of time without any health concerns.

Are you thinking about using Sensa to kickstart your weight loss goals into high gear? If so, then here are some natural alternatives to consider that may be more effective than this weight loss aid.

Natural Alternatives to Sense

1. Bran
Just a little extra bran in the morning could help the body do more than just digest food better. Studies have shown that bran fiber can also help people feel fuller longer throughout the day and provide a consistent level of energy that can help get through the 10 o’clock energy drop that happens before lunch. Even something as simple as a bran muffin can potentially help, although the best option is likely a bran supplement that you would take. Remember to drink plenty of water when taking higher levels of bran fiber so that constipation doesn’t set in.

2. Calcium
The research on calcium is a bit mixed, but there is data that is supported by the American Dietetic Association that shows weight loss can be achieved with an increase in calcium intake. It doesn’t have to be through supplements either. Low-fat dairy foods can help people feel full quickly, provide them with a massive dose of calcium, and keep their calorie counts low in their overall diet plan. Research has also specially shown that women who take at least 1000mg of calcium every day have a better potential of daily weight loss and body fat reduction that women who do not.

3. Green Tea Extract
With a large number of antioxidants, sprinkling some green tea extract onto food could help to provide a unique flavor that can combat hunger as well. It also contains caffeine, which helps to amplify the metabolism and encourage more calories to be eliminated. It seems to particularly target belly fat, which is linked to an increased risk of sudden death and heart disease. It also helps lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, making it an all-around winner to add to food.

4. Orlistat
To be fair, Orlistat is more of a medicine than a natural alternative to Sensa, but it is approved by the FDA for over-the-counter sales. It works because it blocks up to one quarter of the fat calories that are consumed every day. It also makes people remember to keep fat intake low because it can create some very unpleasant side effects when too much fat is eaten and then expelled because of it. Higher levels of abdominal gas are also noticed when people take this medicine that is sold under the brand name Alli.

5. Raspberry Ketones You know that scent of raspberries that wafts through the breeze when you walk through the produce section of the grocery store? Those are the ketones that you are smelling! These ketones help to stimulate the senses and enhance the raspberry flavors that you experience when you eat a raspberry. When raspberry ketones are taken as a supplement, however, they can also replicate the effects of Sensa because they stimulate through scent the feeling of being full. They’ll rev up your metabolism too so that you’re burning more calories throughout the day as well. You could get ketones through raspberries, but it would take about 90 pounds of them to get one supplement dose. It may not work for everyone, but that’s because every person as a unique metabolism that is influenced by different items.

6. Saffron
Although this spice can be rather expensive in some locations, having it available to you for your cooking can help you achieve the same effects that Sensa can provide. Saffron is incredible in rice dishes, but it can be used to add flavor to almost anything and provide the higher levels of metabolism that help people burn off more fat calories. If you want to add some extra saffron to your diet, it is also available as an extract that you can take like any other supplement. In higher doses, it even acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

7. Tapioca Starch
What many people don’t realize about Sensa is that it is basically just maltodextrin. This substance can be derived from any starch, but it is cornstarch that is used to get the matodextrin in Sensa. You can add starch to your foods, soups, or even water to accomplish the same effect and you don’t have to use a gluten containing product to do it! Tapioca starch is an effective thicker as well, can be added to virtually anything, and won’t contain a lot of calories in doing so. It’s not as sweet as maltodextrin, so the flavors have to be maxed, but this starch will help to curb cravings just like Sensa is able to do.

Sensa might help some people find their target weight goals quickly and effectively, but it may not work for everyone. If you are looking for natural alternatives to this weight loss product, then try these suggestions to help encourage your digestive system to feel fuller naturally. When you reduce cravings and hunger pains, your weight loss goals become much easier to achieve! Try your preferred method today and start your journey toward a healthier you!

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