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Blood Flow

Best Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements For Removing Calcium Deposits & Plaque Buildup From Your...

When attempting to remove calcium deposits from the arteries, most people mistakenly stop taking calcium supplements. This is wrong and counterproductive because calcium has ...

Best Diet For Removing Calcium Deposits & Plaque Buildup From Your Arteries

When attempting to remove calcium deposits from the arteries, most people mistakenly stop eating any food that contains calcium. This is wrong and counterproductive because calcium has many benefits and it’s a very important mineral

Blood Pressure

8 Foods Clinically Proven To Lower High Blood Pressure

Today’s question is from James W and he asks, “I’m tired of taking prescription drugs and the negative side-effects… Are there any foods that are clinically proven to lower blood pressure, naturally?”.

Top 10 Causes For High Blood Pressure & My Favorite Solution

Most people, especially doctors… try to lower high blood pressure (hypertension) by using harmful prescription drugs. But as you may already know, these medications are just loaded with lots of negative side-effects. It’s unfortunate because proven natural alternatives already exist


5 Scary & Clinically Proven Reasons You Should NOT Take Statin Drugs

Statin drugs are prescribed for “lowering cholesterol”. Popular ones are Lipitor, Crestor & Zocor. But there are others. Statins are HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors. They work by blocking the enzyme (HMG-CoA reductase) in your liver, that is ...

The Scary Truth About Statin Cholesterol Lowering Drugs & Erectile Dysfunction

Today’s question is from Daniel and he asks: “A few months ago I started taking a statin drug to lower my cholesterol. However, I’ve noticed I started having erectile problems. Things don’t seem to work as well. In fact, I’m just not in the “mood” or ...

Blood Sugar

Worldwide Diabetes Statistics

Having elevated glucose levels is one of the WORST things for your health because typically it can lead to: pre-diabetes or diabetes, increase risk of heart disease and high cholesterol extra body-fat, especially that stubborn and unhealthy belly-fat.

Normal Blood Glucose Levels Chart

This infographic covered the basics about how blood sugar, glucose and insulin works… including how to reduce HYPO (low) and HYPER (high) Glycemia. But what most people don’t understand is that your blood sugar levels literally control how you LOOK and FEEL!

Weight Loss

Simple Dieting & Eating Tips For The Holidays

Most people gain a majority of their yearly “weight” during the holiday season. It’s not easy to say “no” to all that yummy food, especially if you’re going to lots of different parties. My suggestion is to enjoy yourself, but be smart about it.

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Below you’ll see the top 10 foods that burn fat, as well as foods to avoid! As a bonus, there’s a list of “negative calorie” foods, which means that eating these foods burns MORE calories than the actual calorie content of the food — pretty cool, right?

Energy & Fatigue

#1 Reason You MUST Avoid Caffeine

Do you drink coffee, tea, soda or “energy drinks”? Did you know that caffeine is the most used, popular and ABUSED DRUG on the planet? The interesting thing is that most people don’t even consider caffeine a “drug”. Most people think that caffeine is "natural" Yes, it is "naturally occurring" in ...

Can Vitamin B12 Really Boost Your Energy Levels?

A few days ago, my mom asked me about Vitamin B12 and increasing her energy levels. She’s in her late 70’s and asked about vitamin B12 SHOTS … you know, with a needle! I asked her, “why do you want a shot?…” and she said …

Mood & Happiness

5 Foods That Are Clinically Proven To Help Erase Depression & Instantly Improve Your...

If you’re currently feeling down, sad, depressed or just “blah”... guess what - you’re HUMAN. You have a heart. It’s normal to feel depressed once in awhile. To cry because you’re feeling sad, empty or lonely. However, if these deep feelings of sadness or hopelessness continue for extended periods of time....

7 Foods that Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Your diet – what you eat, when and how much – can definitely affect both how you look and FEEL! The right foods, herbs and vitamins can cause you to feel energized, confident, happy and help you think clearly.

Men's Health

Top 10 Sex Drive Killers

As you get older, your sex drive tends to decrease – this is especially true for men. At the end of today’s article I’ll give you one the best solutions for naturally increasing your sex drive, regardless of your age.

The #1 Type of Food For Increasing Your Libido, Sex Drive & Testosterone Levels

Today I’m going to simplify the topic of increasing your “sex drive & libido”. I’m going to clarify all the silly misunderstandings about this important subject. I would say that 95% of the information you hear about this topic ...

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