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How To Improve Blood Flow & Circulation To Your Hands

When someone speaks about poor blood flow, they typically think about their legs and feet… However, hands are also very common and I personally had issues with this myself a few years ago.

5 Most Potent Foods For Lowering Your Blood Pressure

Do you know what’s sad?… Blood pressure drugs are the #2 most prescribed drugs in America. And get this, there 11 different TYPES of “blood pressure lowering” drugs. And a total of over 75 different medications!

Blood Sugar

Worldwide Diabetes Statistics

Having elevated glucose levels is one of the WORST things for your health because typically it can lead to: pre-diabetes or diabetes, increase risk of heart disease and high cholesterol extra body-fat, especially that stubborn and unhealthy belly-fat.

Normal Blood Glucose Levels Chart

This infographic covered the basics about how blood sugar, glucose and insulin works… including how to reduce HYPO (low) and HYPER (high) Glycemia. But what most people don’t understand is that your blood sugar levels literally control how you LOOK and FEEL!

Weight Loss

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Below you’ll see the top 10 foods that burn fat, as well as foods to avoid! As a bonus, there’s a list of “negative calorie” foods, which means that eating these foods burns MORE calories than the actual calorie content of the food — pretty cool, right?

The Most Effective Way to Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Losing weight is never “easy” or else, everyone would be thin. Sadly, it gets much harder as we get older. As the saying goes, “success leaves clues” and thus, there is a RIGHT and WRONG way to lose that ugly, stubborn fat!


#1 Reason You MUST Avoid Caffeine

Do you drink coffee, tea, soda or “energy drinks”? Did you know that caffeine is the most used, popular and ABUSED DRUG on the planet? The interesting thing is that most people don’t even consider caffeine a “drug”.

Can Vitamin B12 Really Boost Your Energy Levels?

A few days ago, my mom asked me about Vitamin B12 and increasing her energy levels. She’s in her late 70’s and asked about vitamin B12 SHOTS … you know, with a needle!


7 Foods that Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Your diet – what you eat, when and how much – can definitely affect both how you look and FEEL! The right foods, herbs and vitamins can cause you to feel energized, confident, happy and help you think clearly.

9 Dangerous Effects of Anxiety

Most of us have some form of anxiety daily. For some it starts early in the morning when they wake up,… worrying about work, the day’s responsibilities, kids, errands, etc., and it continues throughout the day with highs and lows.


9 Signs That You Have Low Testosterone & How To Quickly Improve It

Getting older definitely has some challenges and the primary cause of most of your “aging” problems is due to a change in your hormones! Usually you have less of the “good” hormones and more of the “bad” ones… And in men, it all starts with ..

12 Testosterone Boosting Tips

As men age, their testosterone levels begin to decline and it starts around your mid 20’s and quickly declines in your 30’s and 40’s. By age 50, you’re barely producing HALF the testosterone you once used to. Testosterone is a VERY important youth hormone for both men and women.

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