7 Herbs that Help Your Heart

The below info-graphic lists some herbs that are good for heart. I’ve also listed a more comprehensive list of heart-health herbs, vitamins and amino acids.


Did you know that most drugs are created based on an original herbal extract? For example, Red Yeast Rice is an all-natural statin, which helps lower your cholesterol.

Or White Willow Extract (Salicin) is the herbal version of Aspirin, which helps improve your blood flow and circulation.

My point here is that you do NOT need drugs – certainly not for long-term solutions.

Make sure your diet is clean, you exercise daily (even walking is fantastic), take some health fats (like flaxseed and fish oils) and utilize proven herbal solutions such as CholesLoâ„¢ for lowering cholesterol and Blood Flow Optimizerâ„¢ for improving circulation.