[ 2024 ] 🍺 Is Alcohol Good or Bad For Blood Flow Circulation?

"YES, I Want Healthy Blood Flow"

If you didn’t already know, healthy blood flow & circulation is crucial for health, fitness, and longevity.

Your blood contains all the nutrients you need to live.

Poor blood flow negatively affects your:

  • Brain & memory
  • all of your organs, such as your heart, kidneys, and liver
  • it’s bad for how you look – your muscles, fat loss, skin, and hair.
  • And yes, poor blood flow causes negative sexual performance – especially for men.

And the worst part about all of this is the older we get, the worst the blood flow.

My Personal Story

Now, I bring this up because I was at dinner a few nights ago and everyone was drinking wine and some other alcoholic drinks. I was the only one who wasn’t…

And a couple of people who don’t know me asked why I don’t drink?… I gave them an honest, but politically correct answer, which was “I don’t really like the taste or the extra calories… it doesn’t do much for me anyway.”

Then a couple of people said, “but alcohol is good for your heart and circulation”. Then one of the wine drinkers chimed in and said, “yeah, especially red wine, it has resveratrol”.

Now if this was 10 years ago, I would have argued and said otherwise. I would have said how you’d need to drink like 10 bottles of wine to get a tiny amount of resveratrol.

But now that I’m older and wiser, I don’t say anything because I’m not going to try and change someone’s mind. It doesn’t work. It’s a waste of my time and it creates negative energy.

If you want to drink wine, go for it. But please don’t justify it by trying to say it’s healthy for you.

Does Alcohol Really Help With Blood Flow?

However, does alcohol really help with blood flow? What do the science and clinical studies say?

Well, looking over lots of different studies, the basic conclusion is that one small drink of either red wine or alcohol can have a very slight benefit for the heart and blood vessels.

But as soon as you consume two drinks, the positives disappear and a lot more negatives happen.

Yes, alcohol can help thin the blood and prevent blood cells from sticking together or clotting.

While the blood thinning properties of alcohol may lower the risk of certain types of strokes, they can also increase the risk of strokes that involve bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic strokes).

The reality is that alcohol is a toxin to the body.


It’s bad for your liver and yes, kidneys as well. Both of these organs are very important for healthy blood flow.

Alcohol also increases blood sugar and causes inflammation. Both of which are bad for your health, blood pressure, and circulation.

I know guys will drink alcohol to relax or use it as “liquid courage” to interact with women, but it’s horrible for your sexual performance and reduces blood flow to the penis.

Alcohol also decreases sexual sensation and the ability to achieve an orgasm for both men and women.

Alcohol is also very bad for your mitochondria, which plays an important role in almost every function in the body, including blood flow.

The Bottom Line

Anyway, the bottom line is that alcohol is not good for you.

If you want to justify it for a healthier heart or blood flow, stick to no more than one small cup daily. That’s about 6 oz

However, if you do enjoy drinking alcohol, then take supplements that actually DO improve your blood flow & circulation, to help undo the damage from the alcohol.

Then you can have your alcohol and enjoy it too.

There are a couple of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, which are proven to help support healthy blood flow & circulation.

Take them daily and try not to drink more than 2 glasses of alcohol a day.

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