[ 2024 ] The Best Protein For Healthy Circulation & Regulating Plaque Buildup

"YES, I Want Healthy Blood Flow"

Healthy blood flow and regulating plaque buildup is one of the most important things you can do for your health, fitness, and longevity.

Longevity Healthy Circulation

I think it’s more important than cholesterol levels. Plus, with better blood circulation comes healthy blood pressure levels too. That’s why I redid and updated this topic in 2024.

All of this reduces your risk for heart problems.

Just remember that your blood contains oxygen, proteins, enzymes, youthful hormones, and other nutrients that will help heal and repair your body.

YouthfulHormones Plaque

As an added bonus, healthy blood flow can improve your skin, hair, memory, muscle size, and even your performance in bed.

Unfortunately, the older we get, the worse our circulation becomes.

So today I’m going to reveal the best protein for healthy blood flow and that’s low-mercury, wild-caught, Cold-Water Fish.


Salmon, anchovies, haddock, sardines, and trout are low in toxic mercury and rich in omega-3 fats—the healthiest kind of fats for the heart and circulatory system.

Not only do omega-3s help reduce inflammation, but they also help reduce the “stickiness” of platelets in the blood. This has the effect of thinning the blood so that it flows more easily.

Again, make sure it’s “wild-caught” fish and NOT “farm-raised”.

Rotate between these fish and have them about 3-4x weekly if possible.

Healthy blood flow is extremely important for your health, fitness, and longevity. Try to eat some low-mercury, wild-caught, cold-water fish as part of your diet and protein source.

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