🩸 What’s Better For Blood Flow Circulation – Hot or Cold Packs? (2024)

"YES, I Want Healthy Blood Flow"

In one of my previous articles entitled, “Which Foods Can Support Healthy Blood Flow & Circulation”. A reader asked the following question:

I like your ARTICLES…I work out 5 days a week ..I also have bad circulation in my legs..Does warm hot packs help?

This is a great question because many people start having poor circulation as they get older, especially in the lower body. Legs, feet, and for us guys – your penis as well. Which means smaller and poorer erections.

In this article, I’ll quickly discuss:

  1. Heat and cold treatments
  2. Best rep ranges for legs
  3. Best vitamins and herbs for circulation

So the answer is YES, hot packs do work. The heat supports blood flow to the area, which means more nutrients, oxygen, and hormones.

However, I would also switch off with cold packs to reduce the inflammation – especially after you work out.

Remember, more inflammation means less circulation.

Best Way to Use Hot or Cold Packs

As far as how long, how hot or cold: You can do 10-20 minutes of heat and then later, do the same amount of time in the cold.


There’s no specific science, so don’t worry about it.

By the way, if you can stand to do an ice bath for your lower body, even if it’s just 2-3x weekly – this will help a lot with the inflammation, which means better blood flow.


Just don’t do it before your workouts, always any time after.

Leg Repetition Ranges

Additionally, the lower body responds very well to higher repetitions.

So, doing sets of high reps, 20 to as high as 50 reps, will really support healthy blood flow, and build new capillaries. In addition to building more muscle.

You can do this at the gym obviously — but even at home, just doing bodyweight squats for high reps is great.

body weight squats

Look at velodrome riders and speed skater’s legs – they have supermassive legs and it’s all done with high reps.


Another Easy Way to Get Good Blood Flow

Lastly, take natural herbs & vitamins.

This stuff is amazing at supporting healthy blood flow throughout your entire body – muscles, cells, heart, brain, penis, etc.

Additionally, it makes your blood vessels stronger and more flexible.

It also helps remove toxins and heavy metals from your blood, which improves circulation obviously.

Most importantly, it removes plaque buildup and calcium from your arteries, which support blood flow from head to toe, including your brain – which improves your mind and memory.

Using heat, ice baths, and high-rep leg workouts will immediately give you healthy blood flow, in the short term.

And use natural herbs and vitamins for long-term results, throughout your entire body.

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