😰Does Anxiety Cause High Blood Pressure? (2024)

Anxiety can cause high blood pressure.

This is because anxiety is a form of stress on the body. It causes an increase in stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. You sweat more, your heart rate increases and all of this increases your blood pressure.

On the flip side, high blood pressure can also cause anxiety.

In fact, a 2018 study, showed that up to 51% of people with hypertension may have anxiety and panic disorders

You should try your best to control both your anxiety and blood pressure.

Having healthy blood pressure is a little more simple than reducing anxiety.

I personally think the greatest solution to both of these factors, which will cost you ZERO money and will have numerous other health benefits is EXERCISE!

Any form of daily exercise will for sure reduce anxiety and blood pressure. The simplest one anyone can do, any time anywhere is taking a brisk walk for as little as just 10-15 minutes daily.

This is very little time, zero cost, and additional health benefits.

You can also take supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbs – which is also very easy and that’s what most of us want.

So, there you have it – go move more. Exercise. Take a walk. If you want to speed up results, take some natural supplements.

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