Negative Effects Of Blood Pressure Problems On Your Body

    About 33% of the population has blood pressure problems and yet, almost 75% of these people do NOT know they have this problem. That’s because they “feel fine”

    A blood pressure problem is known as the “silent killer” because most people can’t feel the negative effects. Yet, as you’ll see in the below info-graphic, how blood pressure affects your entire body in a very negative way.

    I’m very familiar with this topic because I have a family history of blood pressure problemsincluding myself and my dad. So I know the importance of supporting healthy blood pressure levels for a healthier heart, as well as your ENTIRE BODY!

    negative-effects-of-high-blood-pressureSummary & Overview

    Having blood pressure problems makes your heart work harder, which over time makes your heart grow weaker because it gets “worn out” and tired!

    It’s like your car engine, always going at maximum speed, high RPM. It’ll break down sooner.

    And the negative effects of a weaker heart can be felt throughout your entire body!

    You Should Take Care Of Your Blood Pressure If…

    There are lots of reasons to support healthy blood pressure. A primary one is simply for improved total health and longevity. However, below are my top 6 reasons

    1. you have a family history of blood pressure problems
    2. you’re concerned about heart problems
    3. you’re over the age of 40
    4. you’re concerned about osteoporosis and want stronger bones
    5. you have low stamina, lower strength, and get tired quickly
    6. you are overweight and need to lose unwanted body fat
    Blood Pressure Medications Only Make Things Worse

    Obviously, you must support healthy blood pressure if it’s elevated and it’s best to do it naturally… Because as I’m sure you already know, blood pressure medications have a ton of negative side effects┬ásuch as1:

    • lowered immune system
    • feeling tired, weak, drowsy or lack of energy
    • digestive problems (gas, bloat, diarrhea or constipation)
    • lowered libido (men/women), vaginal dryness (women)
    • weight gain
    • anxiety, feeling nervous or sadness
    • headaches, dizziness, brain fog

    As you can see, even though blood pressure drugs may improve your blood pressure readings, they cause a bunch of other negative side effects.

    The good news is you can support healthy blood pressure naturally, the way I did for my dad and myself. You do NOT need medications or super restrictive diets.

    Natural Solution For Healthy Blood Pressure┬╗

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