WARNING: Painkillers Cause Blood Pressure Problems, Especially In Women

Most of us, when something hurts, simply pop a couple of pain killers and don’t give it a second thought.

A headache, joint pain, muscle pain from working out, menstrual pain, and so forth.

However, recent research has found a direct connection between blood pressure levels and the use of non-aspirin painkillers – such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil and Motrin).

Additionally, the report reveals a much higher risk for women, than men!

A Harvard study involved 5,123 women aged 34 to 77, all having healthy blood pressure levels to start. However, here’s what the study revealed:

For women not taking painkillers, the risk of developing blood pressure problems levels was only about 1-3 percent a year.

Women taking 400 mg a day of over-the-counter painkillers (the equivalent of two ibuprofen) had a 60-78 percent increased risk of developing blood pressure problems.

Women taking an average daily dose of 500 mg of acetaminophen (one extra-strength tablet) had a 93-99 percent increased risk of developing blood pressure problems within three years.

That’s DOUBLE!

The cause of this is because of fluid retention and decreased kidney function due to these drugs.

Why Is It Worse For Women?

This is because women have smaller blood vessels in the heart, making them more vulnerable to blood pressure problems and inflammation of the blood vessels.

Now, aging causes blood pressure problems for BOTH men and women.

However, as women get closer to menopause, there is a dramatic drop in estrogen, which causes a woman’s arteries to become less elastic and more constrictive, thus contributing to blood pressure problems.

Unfortunately, giving women synthetic hormones (estrogen and especially progesterone) makes this situation only worse.


You should only take these drugs occasionally, as needed, and definitely not daily or more than 3x weekly.

By the way, aspirin does not cause blood pressure problems, but it has its own set of negative side effects, such as stomach pain, ulcers, excessive bleeding, becoming acidic, etc.

Most pain is related to inflammation. So drinking more water, and taking higher dosages of Vitamin C, Magnesium and Curcumin will help.

Lastly, make SURE you support healthy blood pressure using natural solutions, especially if you’re over the age of 40both men and women.

It’s one of the primary causes of heart and brain aging.

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