🥤Why Pomegranate Juice Is BAD For Blood Pressure (2024)

Pomegranate supports healthy blood pressure by reducing levels of Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). ACE is a protein that plays an important role in controlling blood pressure by controlling the size of blood vessels in the body.

Additionally, a compound found only in pomegranates is called punicalagin. It has been shown to offer benefits for the heart and blood vessels, which will indirectly help support healthy blood pressure.

Does Pomegranate JUICE Work The Same?

As far as pomegranate JUICE, there are conflicting reports as to if it works, how long it works, etc.

Simply stated, if it does work, it’s short-term.

And one main reason I believe is that you do NOT want to drink your calories. A cup of juice is all sugar.

Juice and all that sugar increase your blood sugar levels, which then increases your blood pressure levels.

Not to mention, one cup of juice has almost 150 calories. That’s an extra 4500 calories a month. That means at least one pound of FAT gain.

Two Options

However, pomegranates do have benefits, if you do one of these two options.

OPTION #1: Eat the actual pomegranates in fruit form, including the seeds, which have many benefits as well. The problem here is that it’s messy and can get expensive if you buy pre-packaged and pre-seeded ones.

OPTION #2: Take pomegranate EXTRACT in a pill form. A dose of 200 mg daily, especially when combined with other ingredients, has scientific proof for promoting healthier blood pressure levels within a normal, youthful range.

This is what my parents and I ended up doing because it’s easier, convenient, and much less expensive than eating the actual fruit every day.

The Best Solution

Now, if you’re really serious about having healthy blood pressure levels quickly and naturally, you should take Pomegranate Extract with other clinically proven ingredients, such as:

  • Mega Natural’s Grape Seed Extract
  • Hawthorn Berry Extract
  • Celery Seed Extract
  • And a few other essential vitamins and minerals

The best option is the most potent all-in-one solution that my family and use.

So, take a look right now while it’s fresh on your mind, and make sure you do something today, to naturally support healthy blood pressure, so you can live a longer, healthier, and happier life!

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