WARNING: Alzheimer’s is Now Classified As Type 3 Diabetes

Diabetes does more than just affect your weight, eyesight, muscle loss, etc. It also damages your brain and cognition. New researches propose that Alzheimer's can be classified as a type of diabetes. If you have a family history of diabetes or memory...

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If you’ve watched my videos or read my articles, you’ve heard me say over and over again that genetics aside, one of the primary reasons you look and feel the way you do is because of your hormones.

And one of the most powerful hormones in the body is insulin, which is released by the pancreas to help manage and lower high blood sugar levels.

I bring this up because someone asked me, “is it true that Alzheimer’s Disease is now classified as type 3 diabetes?”

To me, this is a really important topic because:

  1. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and thus, it’s a very personal topic for me.
  2. As we age, we all start to lose brain function and yes, high blood sugar is linked to memory and dementia.
  3. We have the highest percentage of pre-diabetes and diabetes ever in history and it’s getting worse each and every year.

And the point is that most people think diabetes affects only their physical body – weight gain, eyesight, fatigue, muscle loss, impotence, blood flow problems, and so forth. However, it ALSO affects your brain and cognition.


Now, some new research studies have proposed that Alzheimer’s disease might also be classified as a specific type of diabetes, called type 3 diabetes.

Types of Diabetes

As a quick lesson:

Type 1 diabetes is a genetic-based, auto-immune disease where you need to take insulin for the rest of your life.

Type 2 diabetes, is more life-style related, which can be controlled with diet, pills and/or insulin. And it is reversible, while type 1 is not.

So now comes to type 3 diabetes for Alzheimer’s, which is not widely accepted yet. Needless to say, it’s a more specific form of diabetes for the brain and dementia, memory loss, and yes, Alzheimer’s disease.


The good news about all of this is that like type 2 diabetes, it can very well be avoided, or the process can be slowed down tremendously or even reversed.

What Should I Do?

So if you’re concerned about your memory or you have a potential family history of high blood sugar, diabetes or Alzheimer’s or similar issues – there is HOPE.


However, I’m not going to repeat myself in today’s article because I did a more detailed article about this topic in the past. The causes and of course, natural solutions.

Here’s the direct link to the article. So while it’s fresh on your mind, click the link and go read the article about high blood sugar and Alzheimer’s disease and how to avoid it or even reverse it.

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