Normal Blood Glucose Levels Chart


Blood Glucose Levels Chart


The above infographic covered the basics of how blood sugar, glucose, and insulin work… including how to reduce HYPO (low) and HYPER (high) Glycemia.

But what most people don’t understand is that your blood sugar levels literally control how you LOOK and FEEL!

Insulin controls aging… wrinkles, hair loss, forgetfulness, muscle loss, and fat gain.

Glucose levels also affect your emotions – anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, moodiness, hunger, etc.

One main reason you lose muscle and gain fat as you get older is because of poor glucose metabolism. So, this is a very important topic and something you should definitely try your best to improve in your life.

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Please take a look at the above links and you’ll easily discover how to make simple improvements in your life for faster results with your blood sugar levels and of course, look and feel younger!

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