This Probiotic Increases Testosterone & Testicle Size (2024)

It’s 2024 and a little while ago I made a video about a special drink that can cause your testicles to grow and also increases testosterone levels.

Needless to say, that video became very popular with over a couple of million views, and led to many questions and this video is a follow-up to that original video.

Basically, there’s a special probiotic strain called L reuteri (rooh-tehr-i). It’s been shown to potentially help increase testosterone levels, testicular size and also produce more sperm.

probiotic testicles

It’s found primarily in mothers’ milk and fermented foods.

You can also purchase it as a stand-alone probiotic in capsule or powder form.

So today I’m going to reveal the 4 best foods for maximizing the L reuteri probiotic and most importantly, other healthy probiotics.

Plus, an even better and faster way to increase your testosterone levels if that’s your goal… which you can use in combination with the L reuteri probiotic.

Probiotic For Testicle Size

First, it’s too late for mothers’ milk, sorry guys.

Second, taking L reuteri in a supplement form such as a pill or powder is fine, but because it’s a probiotic, it’s very heat sensitive. Most of the time, it’ll be dead by the time you take it. Or not nearly as effective.

Then there is the dosage… Should you take 100 million, 2 billion, 70 billion or more?

Of course, most people will think “The more the merrier. The higher the dose, the better the results”… right?

Well, the truth is that probiotics are basically healthy bacteria. Your body has millions, billions, and trillions of them. And trust me, they are NEVER in isolation.

Thus, it’s best to consume probiotics in a more natural form, along with lots of other naturally occurring and different strains of probiotics.

This is why I’m not a fan of taking any single probiotic by itself.

And the best way to get your probiotics, including L reuteri (rooh-tehr-i), is by eating fermented foods.

You’ll get a much higher dosage and variations, at a cheaper price.

So let me quickly list the top fermented foods and the last one will be my favorite and what I consider, the best one.


The first and most popular one is yogurt. Unfortunately, most yogurt can actually cause gut problems for many adults.

The type of milk, more specifically the cow milk found in the united states, can actually be inflammatory for most people.

Dairy can cause gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhea or constipation, and for most adults, gas and flatulence.

But Greek yogurt is better than regular yogurt. And yogurt made from Goat’s milk is even better.

greek yogurt

Most can tolerate Greek yogurt and Goat’s Milk yogurt, without getting gassy.

As much as I like the taste of yogurt, unfortunately, it can cause gas and bloating for me because I don’t do well with yogurt. Maybe you do …


Then there’s Kefir (keh-fear), which I went into detail in my original video.

Kefir is a fermented milk drink that is made by adding kefir grains to milk. Kefir grains are not actual grains but rather a combination of bacteria and yeast that form a symbiotic culture. These grains are added to milk, typically cow’s milk or goat’s milk, and left to ferment for a period of time, usually around 24 to 48 hours.


Again, I’m not a fan of dairy. Nor do I like yeast because it can cause or increase candida in some people.

Plus, Kefir can get expensive. However, you may want to give it a try and see how you like the taste of it.


Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented side dish made from vegetables, most commonly cabbage, and a variety of seasonings.


The fermentation process of kimchi helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, similar to other fermented foods.

Kimchi is a bit harder to find than other fermented foods. But if you can find it and like the taste of it, then enjoy eating it.


Finally, we have what I think is the best one, or at least my favorite, which is Sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut is a fermented cabbage. It is made by finely shredding cabbage and fermenting it with lactic acid bacteria.

What I like most about it is that it’s not dairy. You can get it at any grocery store. Plus, you can even make it at home.


It also tends to have a higher probiotic count than other foods I mentioned today.

So, if you like the taste sauerkraut, it’s the best option in my opinion.

One thing to know is that not all sauerkraut is properly made and thus, has all the healthy bacteria and probiotics. Unfortunately, the label won’t tell you either.

So, when buying sauerkraut, make sure it’s refrigerated. If it’s not, most likely it will lack healthy bacteria.

Also, make sure to drink the liquid brine and not just eat the sauerkraut cabbage. The liquid brine actually has the most amount of healthy probiotic bacteria


… so there you have it, the top best-fermented foods to maximize your probiotics, including L reuteri (roh-tehr-i)

Now, is there any guarantee that your testicles will grow and your testosterone will increase by eating these fermented foods because of the L reuteri (roh-tehr-i)?… I don’t know. I don’t think so.

But these foods have so many other health benefits, that I highly suggest you try eating at least one of them a few times a week and preferably a variation of at least 2 or 3 of them for additional probiotic benefits and gut health.

Lastly, if you really want a faster and easier way to increase your testosterone levels, make sure you check the solution I’ve been using myself for over 20 years!

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