6 Best Herbs That Help Lower Cholesterol

One of the best, fastest and safest ways to naturally lower your cholesterol is to use specific herbs, vitamins and amino acids. The great part is that you can get the positive benefits of drugs, but without any of the negative side-effects.

I know this because over 15+ years ago, both my parents were diagnosed with having “high” cholesterol. So, we had to do everything possible to lower it…


Now, improving their life-style with a better diet and exercise program helped, but it just wasn’t enough. And taking statin prescription drugs (Lipitor, Zocor & Crestor) had a ton of negative side-effects… so we had to stop using those harmful drugs.

Fortunately during my research, I found about half a dozen clinically proven herbs that help lower your cholesterol levels naturally, while also balancing out your other lipid levels – such as HDL, LDL, triglycerides and Homocysteine levels.

So don’t worry, you don’t need drugs – nature has all the answers!

The Best Clinically Proven Herbs, Vitamins & Amino Acids
To Help Lower Your Cholesterol, Naturally


Below are the best herbs I’ve found to help lower your cholesterol and other lipids. These have been clinically tested to work and be safe.

Red Yeast Rice Extract

This is a natural “statin” that’s been used in China for over 1000 years. There are hundreds of clinical studies done on this ingredient, so it’s very effective and safe. It helps lower cholesterol and optimize your HDL/LDL levels. You want to make sure to use the EXTRACTED form, not the usual “powder”, which is basically dead and contains no active ingredients.

Phytosterols Complex

Plant sterols and plant stanols are collectively known as phytosterols. Interestingly, phytosterols so closely resemble cholesterol that they can actually block food-based cholesterol from being absorbed into the bloodstream.


Policosanol is a natural supplement derived from sugar cane. Policosanol helps to lower harmful LDL-cholesterol and helps to raise protective HDL-cholesterol.

Garlic (5% alliin extract)

This special form of garlic extract has many benefits. It helps lower the “bad” LDL, prevents arterial blood clots and reduces the buildup of fatty plaque in the arteries.

Guggulsterones (10% Pure Extract; E and Z)

One cause of high cholesterol is an under-active thyroid gland. Guggulsterones has been shown to lower serum cholesterol by as much as 70%, simply by optimizing your thyroid hormone, which indirectly controls cholesterol absorption.

Artichoke Leaf Extract (15% Chlorogenic Acid, 5% Cynarin)

Not only does artichoke extract help improve your HDL/LDL ratios, but it also helps to lower your fatty triglycerides.

“But, That’s Not All…”


One thing that most people incorrectly focus on is only looking at their cholesterol levels. BUT, there are other factors that can also cause a heart attack or stroke. So, let’s quickly go over these.

Homocysteine Levels

Homocysteine is an amino acid in the blood, which is associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. In fact, it’s over 47% more accurate at predicting heart disease, than checking cholesterol. The good news is that 3 vitamins in the proper ratio naturally help lower Homocysteine levels – Vitamin B9, B6 and B12. So make sure you take this proven combination.

Liver Cleansing Formula

Did you know that 80% of your cholesterol is formed in the liver?… Unfortunately, many people (especially as they age) have weaker livers due to lack of hydration, using prescription drugs, drinking alcohol and/or not having an organic based diet.

And if your liver is “tired” from the daily “cleaning and filtering”, cholesterol starts to build up. There are 4 ingredients that you should take, which are great for detoxing your liver: Milk Thistle, NAC, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Turmeric.

 “OMG, That’s Way Too Many Pills?!!…”

Now, you might be thinking, “Geez, I don’t want to take 20-30 pills a day, buying a bunch of bottles and herbs” and I don’t blame you. Who has the time OR money?…


I had the same exact concern with my parents.

Fortunately, there’s “all-in-one” solution called CholesLo™, which contains the above key ingredients, in specific extracted dosages — in addition to a couple other helpful ingredients.

The feedback has been amazing and since the product has been around since 1999, you know it works!

Anyways, there’s a free video about how CholesLo™ works, how you’ll benefit, the clinical studies, reviews, etc… Take a look and let me know what you think!