Does Krill Oil Lower Cholesterol?

For those who have been taking Omega-3 capsules to help lower the risk of heart disease, krill oil has certainly come to light in recent years about being a more effective version. However, does krill oil really lower the amount of cholesterol in the body?

The answer is a not-so-surprising “yes” as krill oil has proven to be quite effective over standard fish oil in lowering the amount of cholesterol found in the body. Studies with rats demonstrated that while both Omega-3 and krill oil inhibited the enzymes that metabolize the fat in the liver that krill oil was much more effective. In fact, krill oil absorbed up to 15 times the amount that fish oil did by comparison, making it far more effective in terms of preventing cholesterol from being absorbed into the body.

Why is Krill Oil More Effective?

Even though krill oil and fish oil or Omega-3 is essentially the same thing, it is the molecular composition of krill oil that makes it more effective. This is because fish oil is mostly absorbed into the gut before it can be effective in reducing the cholesterol levels. Krill oil however is not absorbed in that fashion and therefore your body will be able to use virtually all of to prevent cholesterol absorption.

In addition, krill oil contains a powerful antioxidant which helps protect the integrity of the krill oil itself so that it will not “spoil” like fish oil will in a short period of time. In most cases, less krill oil needs to be taken compared to standard Omega-3 fish oil capsules because of its effectiveness. For many, this means that they only need to take one or two capsules of krill oil to get the effects needed to lower their cholesterol count and do much, much more as well.

The Benefits of Krill Oil

In addition to helping the body lower the amount of cholesterol present, krill oil also reduces inflammation which supports the health of the joints in your body as well. For those who enjoy bodybuilding or using weights or resistance exercises, krill oil provides a means that can not only increase your results in terms of muscle building, but also the definition of the muscles as well.

In addition, krill oil will also help with to regulate the function of the thyroid so that you feel more satiated after you consume a meal. This can lead to great loss of excess fat which will not only help your body building efforts, but also help to lose weight and keep your cholesterol under control.

Athletes often take krill oil to help their bodies do more from increasing the energy that is expended to preventing oxidative damage which may occur. There is a powerful antioxidant in krill oil that actually counteracts the oxidative damage to help keep athletes healthier and performing better over long periods of time.

Basically, krill oil helps your body do a lot of things better from helping you retain lean muscle mass to increasing the efficiency of your metabolism. However, just for the cholesterol-lowering properties alone, krill oil makes for an excellent supplement to the body.

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