Safest Cholesterol Lowering Drug

For those who may be suffering from high cholesterol, there are a number of drugs available that may reduce the amount that is in your system. However, all of these drugs come with some form of complications that makes choosing the right one for your needs very important.

One of the most popular types are statins which have proven to be one of the best at lowering cholesterol while having some of the fewest drawbacks.

What are Statins?

Statins are drugs that block the production of a substance in your body that is responsible for making cholesterol. In addition, statins may actually help your body re-absorb the cholesterol that has built up along the artery walls that prevents further blockages of the blood vessels.

Statins are a part of many medications, including Lipator, Zocor and Crestor to name a few. There are also lower cost, generic versions of these drugs that include statins as well. Quite often, statins are used in combination with other lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet and shedding excess weight in order to become truly effective.

The length of time that you will need to take statins will depend on just how effective the other, natural methods you have used on your body. In essence, if the only reason that your cholesterol count is down is because of statins, then you’ll be taking them indefinitely.

While the effectiveness of statins is considerable, just how safe are they for regular use in the body?

The Side Effects of Statins

The truth is that statins are arguably the safest cholesterol-lowering drug on the marketplace in widespread use. While most people can tolerate the effects of statins with relatively few side effects, some may experience the following as the body adjusts to the medications.

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Joint & Muscle Aches

The last is the most common of the side effects and they all tend to fade away over time as the body adjusts to the statins. In rare cases, there have been reported more serious side effects that include the following;

  • Muscle Pain & Issues
  • Liver Damage
  • Increase in Blood Sugar
  • Neurological Issues

All of these side effects are very rare, but they have been reported so you must look out for any warning signs that might come in the early stages of taking statins.

Overall, statins are for the most part the safest cholesterol-lowering drug for most people who use them on a regular basis. They are very effective and work in concert with your efforts to lower your weight, get into shape and eat a healthy diet.

If you have high cholesterol, a family history of high cholesterol, high blood pressure or lead an inactive lifestyle that is fueled by a poor diet and little in the way of exercise, then you are probably a candidate for taking statins. However, a combination of a healthy diet, exercise and statins will help lower your cholesterol with little risk and much reward for your body.

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