[ 2024 ] CoQ10 – Who Should Take it, Dose, When, How, Side-Effects & More

"YES - I Want Healthy Cholesterol Levels"

Today I’m going to talk about CoQ10. I’ll discuss:

  1. Who should take it and why I personally started taking it 20 years ago:
  2. The negative side-effects
  3. The best form to take, so you don’t get ripped off
  4. How you should take it
  5. When are the correct times to take it

What Is CoQ10?

CoQ10 stands for Coenzyme Q10, which is an antioxidant.

Your body naturally produces it and it does so for generating energy in your cells.

Who Should Take It

I personally started taking it about 20 years ago because after doing more research about it, I discovered that not only will I have more natural energy all day long, but my workouts would be better.

I would be able to do more reps, more sets, improve recovery, and thus, build more muscle and strength.

man at gym

Sounds pretty awesome and as usual, I doubled and tripled the dose.

The results were pretty amazing. I really did have a ton of energy.

I was never jittery. I had better focus. It was great.

However, I also had massive insomnia. It was like I had TOO much energy.

Yet, I never felt run down or tired, from the lack of sleep.

However, after a few weeks, something just felt off and I decided to lower the dose so I can get more sleep.

And this is a common side-effect if you take too much of the CORRECT form… which I’ll get to in a minute.

As to WHO should take it:

CoQ10 For Heart Health

Anyone who wants to and needs to improve the health of their heart.

This means improving cholesterol levels, blood flow, and blood pressure.


heart health

However, anyone who is taking statin cholesterol-lowering drugs MUST take additional CoQ10.

In fact, I got my parents off of these cholesterol-lowering drugs and I created CholesLo for them.

This naturally supports healthy cholesterol levels, improves HDL/LDL ratios, and fatty triglycerides, and has a lot more hearth-health benefits.

And of course, it also contains the correct form and amount of CoQ10 as well.

I highly recommend you utilize CholesLo if you’re concerned about cholesterol levels, and:

  • Muscle damage, especially to the heart
  • Memory loss
  • Liver disease
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Blood pressure problems
  • And more

You can get more details about CholesLo below…

CoQ10 For More Energy

The second reason you’d take CoQ10 is for the same reason I did – to have more energy physically and mentally.


This is also why I have CoQ10 and PQQ, both similar compounds in my Body-Brain Energy product.

However, if you want to take CoQ10 by itself, no problem… just make sure you do it correctly, which is the next topic.

How & When To Take CoQ10

The best time to take CoQ10 is in the morning because of the increased energy levels. Do not take it late in the day or before bed because of the insomnia issue.


Since CoQ10 is fat-soluble, take it with food.

Best Form Of CoQ10

There are two different forms of CoQ10Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol, which is the more active form.

Generally speaking, older people tend to absorb the Ubiquinol version better.

Granted, some studies don’t confirm this.

And other studies show there’s a synergy between them.

Because of this, I personally take BOTH versions and CholesLo also contains both versions as well, for optimal performance.


Finally, we need to speak about the dosage.

This really varies from person to person.


The older you are, the higher the dose one needs.

For example, when I was younger, in my 30s and even early 40s, 30 mgs daily is all I could take before I’d get insomnia.

Then in my late 40s I noticed I needed 50mgs and sometimes even 100 mgs.

My suggestion is to start low and build up … 50 mgs is a good starting dose.

In CholesLo, the daily dose comes out to 80 mgs.

I know people who take 300-500 mg or more daily and say they don’t feel much. This is typical because it’s an inferior form or just a bad product.


In summary, I highly recommend taking CoQ10 if you want more energy, especially if you’re over the age of 40 and for sure if you want to have a healthy heart and are taking cholesterol-lowering medications.

Energy and heart health are the two biggest reasons, and whole-body, anti-aging benefits as well.

I’ve got links to both CholesLo and Body-Brain Energy for anyone who wants to support healthy cholesterol levels naturally and for anyone who wants more energy physically and mentally.

Both options do contain the correct form of CoQ10.

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