Dr. Reveals The REAL Cause of High Cholesterol in 2024

    "YES - I Want Healthy Cholesterol Levels"

    Did you know that the #1 drug prescribed in America this year was a statin drug for lowering cholesterol?

    In fact, in the top 10 most often prescribed drugs, TWO of them were cholesterol-lowering.

    Additionally, for the past 20+ years, these cholesterol-lowering statins have been the most often prescribed drugs and the biggest moneymakers!

    Yet, the rate of heart disease has NOT gone down in the past 2 decades. In fact, it keeps going higher and higher.

    And the older you are, the worse the statistics are.

    And this includes both men AND women!

    But Why?

    So the question is:

    1. Why are things only getting worse, when more and more people are taking these “cholesterol lower drugs”?
    2. Why aren’t these drugs working to save more lives?
    3. What’s the REAL cause of high cholesterol and can you fix it, naturally?

    My Parent’s Story

    So to make a long story short, back in 1998 both my parents were prescribed these “toxic”, statin drugs. During that year they felt so horrible with many side effects… so I got them off the drugs and really pushed for a natural lifestyle.

    They were already eating well, but I turned it up a notch and got super strict.

    My dad has always exercised, but I increased it with him and added it with my mom.

    The good news is that their cholesterol levels did improve, but not by much. I was surprised actually, I thought they’d get bigger improvements.

    And that’s when their doctors said “See, you need to get back on the drugs.”

    But I refused! I had to find a natural solution that was safe and didn’t have negative side effects.

    And I mention this story because if you’ve had similar challenges yourself and have NOT gotten the results you were hoping for and you’re confused or frustrated – you’re not alone.

    In fact, this is typical …

    The REAL Cause Of High Cholesterol

    Initially (20+ years ago), I was new to the topic of “cholesterol”.

    So, I spent the next few months doing lots of research about cholesterol, its causes and solutions.

    Over time, I realized a common denominator

    And that’s when I discovered the REAL cause of high cholesterol is the negative change in your hormones, due to aging.

    It happens to women almost instantly, because of menopause…

    While more gradual with men due to the negative hormonal changes of aging.

    And this explains why young people in their teens and 20’s …. Eat junk, don’t rest enough or even exercise and yet, their cholesterol levels are still healthy …

    This is because they have good hormone levels, which quickly help eliminate excess cholesterol and more importantly, repair your organs and blood vessels.

    But don’t worry, or lose hope and think you can’t fix this because you’re getting older …

    I’ll show you in a minute that you can easily and quickly fix your cholesterol problems, naturally … without drugs, super restrictive diets, or crazy exercise programs.

    The “High Cholesterol” Myth

    However, the other problem with these cholesterol-lowering drugs is that they only focus on “lowering cholesterol”.

    You don’t want only that because cholesterol has many benefits.

    Low cholesterol can be just as bad as high.

    Low cholesterol causes depression, low sex drive, and earlier death.

    What you want to do is improve all of your lipids and the ratios.

    This includes having

    • Healthy cholesterol levels within a normal range (not low or high)
    • Optimized HDL/LDL ratios
    • Lower fatty Triglycerides
    • Healthy Homocysteine levels
    • Optimal Lipoprotein (A) & Apolipoprotein B
    • etc.

    It’s a balance.

    Blame It On Your Liver

    The next problem with aging is that our livers aren’t as strong as they used to be.

    Getting older, taking prescription drugs, alcohol, toxicity in our foods and so forth, all make the liver and kidneys weaker.

    And most people don’t know, but 80% of your cholesterol is made IN your liver!… it’s NOT from the foods you eat.

    This is why diet changes don’t usually make a big improvement in most people.

    The problem is INTERNAL!

    So in addition to improving your lipid levels and ratios, you ALSO want to detox, cleanse, repair, and strengthen your liver.

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