How To Dramatically Reduce Heart Disease & Strokes, For ONLY $1 A Week

Recently in a the UK, scientist from Aberdeen University published a study that claims the number of people suffering from strokes and heart disease (one of the biggest killers in the USA) can be dramatically reduced if they take three times the recommended dose of Folic Acid each day.

“If public health policy decisions safely raise the folate intake substantially, these results suggest we could save lots of lives, improve the health and quality of life of many people, and save the health service an awful lot of money,” said Professor Michael Golden, who headed the study.

According to the British Department of Health, people over 65 make up just a small fraction of the population, yet consume nearly 40% of the National Health Service’s budget.

Professor Golden states that “We need to fortify food, like bread, cereal, cakes, and biscuits with folic acid”. Personally, I think this is crazy. I mean, I know he means well … but why “fortify” JUNK FOOD? Besides, it’s just going to make things more expensive anyway!

An Easier Solution

You really DO need to increase your folic acid and it’s nearly impossible to count on getting it all from any one food source, and especially not from “fortified” junk food. All you need to do is just go to your local health food store or online vitamin shop and buy a bottle of folic acid.

It’s dirt cheap (about $1 a week) and a fast solution. Take 1200 mcgs once a day with food and that’s it (by the way, this is the exact dose found in CholesLo®).


• “Heart risk for elderly,” University of Aberdeen (press release), 3/6/03

Summary: You can dramatically reduce the potential of heart disease and strokes by simply taking 1200 mcgs of Folic Acid daily. The cost is less than $5 a month and it has many other benefits such as extra energy, improved memory retention and it’s very important for pregnant mothers and people over the age of 40.

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