The Ideal HDL and LDL Cholesterol Levels – Scary Facts & Simple Solutions

The below statistics for high cholesterol and heart disease are for the UK… However, the bad news is that the stats are even WORSE in the US!

  • Heart Disease is the #1 killer in the UK and US
  • Every 5 min someone in the UK will have a heart attack… But in the US, it’s every 3 min
  • 6/10 people have “high cholesterol” in the UK…  But it’s 7/10 people in the US

As you can see, Heart Disease and high cholesterol MUST be dealt with and not just brushed off for “later”.

Please read my “Summary” below for some simple and effective, natural solutions…


Lowering your cholesterol and helping to prevent a heart attack or stroke doesn’t need to be too difficult. Here are simple adjustments you can make:


Try to reduce some of the man-made foods (breads, pastas, vegetable oils, etc.) with more natural foods (vegetables, fruits, legumes, sweet potatoes). And just drink more water and less “other” liquids


Just get outside and WALK every day or at least 3x weekly for 20-30 minutes. Anyone can do this. If you can lift some weights (even body weight exercises), even better. You don’t need a gym.


Get faster results using specific herbs, vitamins and minerals that are clinically proven to help improve your cholesterol, LDL/HDL and triglyceride levels. You don’t have to take 3-5 different products, when an “all-in-one” solution already exists.

… small, daily changes in each of the above 3 categories will make BIG, dramatic improvements in lowering your cholesterol and helping to prevent a heart attack or stroke.

This is exactly what I did for both my parents over 15+ years ago… And you can do the same!

So don’t just passively read this article today. Take action right now and make the above adjustments in your life today, to see results tomorrow.