Best Vitamin To Boost Energy Levels

Have More ENERGY & Better MEMORY

Today I have one very important topic: is there any specific vitamin that helps with increasing energy levels? How about Vitamin D and Vitamins B?

Perfect Vitamin D&K is very important for energy levels. It contains a specific form of Vitamins D3 and K2. Most people are deficient in these two fat-soluble vitamins.

However, Vitamin D isn’t even a vitamin. It’s actually a HORMONE and that’s why it is so powerful.

Vitamin B For More Energy?

So, speaking strictly about Vitamins – B vitamins are very important.

However, these vitamins don’t give energy directly, the way a hormone does or a drug like caffeine. They work with your FOOD to optimize pathways to increase and maximize energy levels.

Simply stated, vitamins allow your food to be better utilized for energy levels.

You might consider taking a daily B-complex supplement. Especially if you exercise regularly and have higher stress levels.

Better, All-In-One Solution

Years ago I had a product called More Natural Energy.

It consisted of the correct blend of B vitamins, plus other important ingredients such as:

  • Nootropics “aka – smart drugs”
  • Acetylcholine optimizers
  • ATP optimizers
  • Mitochondria optimizers
  • And other important “energy producers”

And it contained NO caffeine, which is very important.

However, after a successful decade, I decided to remove the B complex vitamins. They took up too much valuable space. And, didn’t really do that much.

Like I said, B vitamins don’t produce energy directly.

So instead, I increased the dosages of the other ingredients and added new ones.

The new product name is now called, Body-Brain Energy and it’s super powerful and again, NO caffeine.

ONE Vitamin For Energy Levels

So, circling back to the ONE vitamin that does increase energy levels by itself and doesn’t require food… is a natural coenzyme derived from vitamin B3 (niacin) and it’s called, NADH (Reduced B-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)

It’s one of the new ingredients I added to Body-Brain Energy over a decade ago.

NADH is essential for basic metabolism, respiration, the breakdown of sugars and fats, and most importantly, the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the primary energy molecule in our cells.

NADH also plays an important role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters in the brain… These are important brain chemicals such as dopamine which help increase emotional drive. NADH is powerful.

I would say 5 mgs daily in the morning is a good starting point. The maximum is 10 mg.

Maximize The Benefits

I also added Rhodiola Extract in Body-Brain Energy because it helps promote ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and CP (creatine phosphate) in the mitochondria.

And it works synergistically with NADH, so it’s a great combination to take to maximize ATP production.

So you might want to consider taking both of these together.

  • 5 mg of NADH
  • 120 mg of Rhodiola Extract

First thing in the morning.

You can take second dose midday, but for sure not close to bedtime.

There are many other factors that increase physical energy levels and mental focus. My favorite solution is Body-Brain Energy. Take a look at the ingredients and see how you might benefit.

Remember, the more energy you have, the more productive you’ll be, you’ll enjoy more of life, and you’ll be happier and more fulfilled!

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