Short Term Memory Loss: 5 Causes & Solutions

Have More ENERGY & Better MEMORY

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Genetics plays a role in everything. If you have a family history of memory problems then you really need to make improvements in your life so you can avoid these issues or at least, delay them as long as possible.

And today I’ll give you 5 major causes of memory problems and simple solutions.


AGING is a factor – because of the physical changes that happen to the brain, it can start to shrink. As well as hormonal changes and imbalances.

SOLUTION: We can’t stop aging, but we can slow down the negative effects of aging – lifestyle and attitude both are important. Try to schedule in some FUN time. Doing something youthful causes your brain and body to act youthful and thus, stay youthful.

Poor Sleep

POOR SLEEP is a major issue with memory, especially short-term memory. Older people typically don’t sleep enough or don’t have deep, quality sleep. Thus, the brain doesn’t process, file away, and store that day’s information and you have memory problems.

SOLUTION: You need to prioritize your sleep. I’ve got great solutions that are easy to implement and work quickly.


STRESS is a factor in everything due to the negative hormonal changes, poorer blood flow, and blood sugar levels. Having disempowering emotions such as anxiety, worry and depression reduce your ability to focus, and thus, memory is impaired.

SOLUTION: You can’t always control stressors in life, but you can control the MEANING of a stressful situation. Focus on the good, not the bad. I’ve also spoken about this topic in the past and I’ve got great solutions.


DIET affects your brain health in many ways. High blood sugar is linked to memory problems

Also, not having enough healthy Omega 3 fats and on top of it, having too many omega 6 fats also causes your brain to not function optimally for a variety of reasons, one of the main ones being inflammation.

SOLUTION: Decrease inflammation

  • Reduce sugars
  • Reduce cheap omega 6 seed and vegetable oils
  • Increase your omega 3 fish oils. Eat wild-caught salmon or take about 3000-5000 mg of fish oil, daily.
  • Take various herbs, vitamins, and supplements.


EXERCISE is an issue in that most people don’t exercise enough or consistently. Not exercising the brain and learning new things, causes your brain to slowly shrink and the pathways and neurons don’t fire as well.

SOLUTION: exercise your body and brain. That means resistance exercise for improving muscle mass and cardiovascular for heart, brain, and blood flow.

Learn and do new things every day to exercise your brain. Do puzzles. Learn a new language or play an instrument.

Regardless of your genetics or age, you can for sure improve your brain health and memory. However, you MUST take action, or else things will just get worse.

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