🔋 Why Pre-Workout Energy Supplements Are BAD (2024 update)

Have More ENERGY & Better MEMORY

I get complaints from lots of guys in 2024 about their libido, feeling tired, having bad workouts, and so forth – and today I’m going to talk about one factor that a lot of these workout guys have in common and that’s taking pre-workout supplements, and stimulants – which I think are by far, the most abused and misused supplements in the world.

And YES, I used to be one of these people myself years ago.

The problem with these supplements is that over time, they actually do the opposite. They can cause:

  • muscle loss and weakness,
  • fat gain,
  • lowered testosterone levels,
  • higher stress hormones like cortisol,
  • Lowered sex drive and erectile problems,
  • Fatigue – both physical and mental
  • and worst of all – poor sleep quality and quantity…. Which makes all the previous problems much worse!!!

So today I’ll quickly let you know why these problems happen, how to fix them, and best of all, how you can make your own pre-workout supplement for a fraction of the price.

Problems With Pre-Workout Supplements

The first problem is that these products are mainly composed of cheap calories from sugars – which are excess calories that you don’t need. I mean, unless you’re doing a 2-3 hour marathon workout, you have no need for all these sugar calories.

By the way, such long workouts are a primary problem itself that needs to be addressed and I’ll get to that in a minute.

One thing regarding the extra sugar in these supplements – it causes insulin resistance over time, which means more belly fat and muscle loss.

Lastly, higher sugar leads to lower testosterone production as well. In one human clinical study, taking 75 grams of sugar (which is 300 calories), can cause a 25% drop in testosterone levels for a couple of hours.

pre workout supplements

The second problem is that the only effective ingredients in these supplements are just high-dose caffeine – usually, at least 150-200 mg of caffeine to as much as 400-500 mg of caffeine.

And caffeine is super cheap and I’ll show you you can get the same benefits for a couple of pennies.

Of course, these products advertise that they contain all of these other ingredients – but, they are typically super-low-dosed and thus, a total waste of money.

In essence, these supplements are overpriced forms of sugar and caffeine – a total rip-off.

But, What’s The Real Problem?

So, why do most people, including myself, use such pre-workout stimulants?… Well, it’s mainly because we were too tired to have a good workout without them.

And thus, the real problem is – why are we so tired?

For me, it was too much school AND work, combined with poor sleep and going too crazy with the workouts – volume + intensity.

tired at the gym

And most people are similar because you’re:

  • not getting enough sleep
  • Working out too often. You need to have more rest days
  • Working out too hard, it’s too stressful – too many sets, too much volume, too much intensity, and so forth.
  • You need to improve your diet – increase protein and probably healthy carbs as well, in addition to essential fats.
  • Too much outside stress – relationships, work, money, family, worry, etc.

And most likely, it’s a combination of the above.

You Are Just Digging Your Own Grave

But if you keep taking stimulants found in most pre-workout supplements or anything with high doses of caffeine… in order to give you the “fake energy”, so you can have a decent workout… You’re just digging your own grave and causing yourself much bigger problems.

All of this just adds more and more stress to your body, causing you to sleep less and cause even more hormonal imbalances.

Plus, you need to know that stimulants themselves cause systemic fatigue by over-stimulating the beta-adrenergic receptors, which can make them resistant to your own adrenaline.


So now, what little adrenaline you do produce, your body is resistant to.

When that happens, your strength, power, endurance, and drive disappear – which means these stimulants are no longer working like they used to.

Anyway, all of this killing your hormones, ruining your body & mind – and it’s negatively affecting your performance in AND out of the bedroom

The Solution

The first thing we need to address is why are you so tired? Thus, improving all of the previously mentioned stressors.

For me, I needed more rest and better sleep. So, I added more rest days at the gym to improve my recovery.

Better sleep is another topic all by itself.

Just know that ALL stimulants, especially at higher doses found in these products, will RUIN both your sleep quality and quantity.

Without proper sleep, you are screwed… and not in a good way.

Create your own pre-workout solution at a fraction of the price, with no calories and with very few stimulants.

Thus all the benefits, with none of the high side-effects or prices.

And here’s what I do.

In the morning, I take Body-Brain Energy which is a nootropic-based, supplement that’s actually GOOD for both your body and brain.

It helps increase focus, muscular strength, contractions, brain cognition, and so forth.

It helps your hormones and sex drive, it doesn’t hurt it like the pre-workout stimulants.

I take Body-Brain Energy almost every day, especially during the workweek – again, first thing in the morning.

Before my workouts, IF I really need it, I take Body-Brain Energy again and I’ll add in a little bit of caffeine, only 50 mg. You may need 100 mg if you’re used to taking so much caffeine daily.

Get a bottle of no-dose or some generic caffeine pill which is 200 mg tablets. The key is getting tablets, NOT a capsule.

I use ProLab caffeine tablets. Each pill is 200 mg, and I cut it into quarters. So, each quarter is 50 mg.

Thus, at the Amazon price of $20 for 3 bottles, which is 300 pills. At ¼ the daily dose, which you’re taking only on workout days, will last you at least 3-4 YEARS.

Which is about 1.5 pennies a dose. THAT IS IT!

Combined with a premium, super high-quality, doctor-formulated nootropic supplement such as Body-Brain Energy, you’re paying like a $1 per workout.

The end result is you look and feel great. Your hormones, body, and brain improve. You’ll get BETTER results over time and most importantly, healthy hormones and sleep quality.

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