Best Vegetables You Must Eat

Vegetables that pack a nutritional punch are always great for you. Here are 13 of the best vegetables that you should include in your daily diet. Some are low-calorie but high in protein, which is great if you want to gain muscle and lose fat. Others are rich in antioxidants, which help slow down aging. If you want to avoid cancer or reduce...

I recently did some articles about vegetables, specifically about Broccoli and Okra and the surprising pros and cons of these “health” vegetables.

I’ll give you links to all of these great articles because I got a lot of comments and questions and that’s why I’m making today’s article, about the best vegetables you should be eating daily.

And then you can also read part 2 of this article, which is the WORST vegetables you must AVOID.

So, let’s get started with the best vegetables.

Green Leafy Vegetables are great – spinach, collard greens are great. Very high in protein too. However, I suggest you avoid kale and that’s in my other article, “vegetables you must avoid.”

Cruciferous vegetables are amazing, such as broccoli and brussels sprouts. High in Vitamin K and C, as well as protein. Both should be steamed or lightly cooked.

Asparagus – also high in Vit K and protein. It acts as a mild diuretic as well, which is good for high blood pressure.

Beet Greens, also high in protein.

Garlic and onions – have lots of positive effects on your health. However, be mindful of your breath.

Celery – great for blood pressure and circulation and has almost no calories.

Mushrooms have many medicinal benefits. White button mushrooms are one of the best for improving hormones by helping with prostate and breast cancer. Reishi mushrooms are also very good for your immune system. Shitake helps fight tumors.

However, IF you have yeast or candida, I think you should avoid mushrooms until you get that handled, due to the fact that mushrooms are a fungus. I discuss this in further detail in my “vegetables you should avoid” article.


Okra – have tons of benefits and I made an entire article about this.


Artichokes – have lots of protein and antioxidants. However, make sure they are cooked fully, steam it for about 30 min on a stove-top.


Bok Choy is also very good, make sure it’s steamed or lightly cooked.

Bok Choy

Cabbage is great, especially as sauerkraut because it has millions of probiotics, which is great for your gut health.


Seaweed and sea vegetables are great. The healthiest and longest living people eat foods from the sea.

Seaweed and sea vegetables

Potatoes – they are vegetables and a safe source of carbohydrates. Specifically, yams and sweet potatoes are the best. Cook them and then let them cool in the fridge for about 8 hours and then reheat them and eat them. This will increase the resistant starches, which means it’s better for your gut, less elevated blood sugar levels and best of all, it has fewer calories.

Sweet Potatoes

I also made an article about this with rice – if you want to eat more rice and not get fat.

Other types of potatoes should be avoided and I mention them in my “Worst Vegetables You Must Avoid” article.