🐮 The Shocking Truth About Bison vs Beef (2024)

A while back I did an article entitled “Why Chicken Is Worthless & Bad Protein“.

Anyway, I got asked a great question, “Which is better, bison or beef”? …f

And this isn’t just about building muscle and losing fat, but also for overall health, fitness, and longevity.

Difference Between Bison and Buffalo

Before I start, I get asked what the difference is between Bison and Buffalo. And these two are commonly confused and used interchangeably. The American Bison is native to North and South America and Europe, while buffalos are native to Africa and Asia.

As you can see in this picture, the difference between the two … the bison has a hairier face and smaller horns.Bison Most people will have access to bison, especially in the US.

Bison vs Beef

If you know me, I like to save you time and get right to the facts and keep it simple. So let’s get started.

I like bison much better than beef (cow) because:

  1. Less fat than beef and it has more muscle-building, fat-burning, CLA fat (conjugated Linoleic acid).
  2. They are NEVER administered antibiotics or hormones. In fact, it’s illegal… while most beef is unless it is USDA organic.
  3. They’re pasture-raised, free-range, and graze freely. While most beef is raised in feedlots. Even the “free-range” ones don’t have much space.
  4. Bison is also better for the environment with low carbon emissions and help preserve grasslands.

Bison meat nutritional data

It also has more B vitamins, zinc, and creatine. So you’ll have more energy, better immune system, and less inflammation.

The only negative with Bison is that it costs more than beef, even the “free-range”, grass-fed beef. It’s also harder to find in some places.

But listen, this is your health. My suggestion is if money is an issue, get the bison and just eat less of it.

Better QUALITY food is always more important than junkier QUANTITY food.

What I do to save money is to buy in bulk and then freeze it. I actually get the ground bison in 1 lb packages, but I get like 20 lbs or more since it’s cheaper. I prefer ground rather than steak because it’s just easier to chew for me.

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