[ 2024 ] Why Olive Oil Is Bad For You, Unless You Do This

If you consume olive oil, then you must read today’s short article.

It’s about how most olive oils are just bad for you and are, in fact, fake!

Obviously, we all hear how good olive oil is.

In fact, my parents used to consume that toxic, unhealthy, and cheap canola oil. Usually, it was Mazola.


But now, they’ve switched over to “healthy olive oil” … which is almost the same junk and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

And one reason olive oil is such a popular “healthy oil” or food is that people in Mediterranean areas, who live longer than the rest of us, consume more olive oil.

Based on this, silly scientists and doctors now think that THIS is the main reason these people are living longer lives than the rest of us.

Which, I don’t agree with.

It’s never one thing. It’s usually a combination of many factors – genetics and hormones always being a common denominator.

In fact, Cardiologist Dr. Gundry thinks Olive oil is the greatest food on the planet and tells you to consume 12 tablespoons daily.

olive oil

I definitely don’t agree with Dr. Gundry on this. That’s at least 1500 calories daily from just this ONE food source.

Again, I’m totally against any extreme diets.

I don’t think you should be almost all fat or all carbs or all protein or never eat an entire macronutrient and so on and so forth.

It’s just stupid and not a long-term plan – for health, convenience, or success!

Now, I made an article recently about the “3 Best & Most Affordable Testosterone Boosting Foods that are Clinically Proven”.

And one of the foods I mentioned were fats, coconut, and olive oil. I’ve posted a link to that article if you want to know what the other 2 foods are.

The BEST Olive Oil Brand

Anyway, I had numerous people ask the same question, “Dr. Robbins – there are so many olive oil brands, what’s the best? I heard there are a lot of scam brands. What do you use?”

And this is true.

Most olive oil, probably at least 80% or more, does NOT contain olive oil.

Or, it’s a mixture of other oils and SMALL amounts of olive oil.

And THIS is exactly what happened to my parents.

I looked at their olive oil and it was a “blend”. This picture is very typical of what companies do to trick us.


The “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” is in SUPER BIG font.

While the “Canola Oil” is much smaller and can barely be seen. Same with the word, “blend” at the bottom. It’s like camouflage in there.

So, you must read the labels and make sure on the ingredient panel, it says “100%, cold-pressed, organic olive oil” and so forth.

Like this label:


This is the company I use, Bragg.

I put a direct link to it at Amazon (16oz or 32oz), if you want to give it a try or read more about it.

When you taste it, you can tell the difference.

The quality is very good and the best part is that it’s not expensive.

There are other brands just as good and maybe better, but it’ll also cost us 3-6x more.

For me, it’s not worth it.

How Much Is Safe to Consume?

I take probably 1 or maybe 2 tablespoons daily. This is in addition to other healthy fats I consume. Such as fish and avocados.

So, there’s no way I’m consuming 12+ tablespoons daily of Olive oil as Dr. Gundry suggests.

olive oil bottles

Also, I keep most of the oil in the fridge, so it stays fresh. And a small amount of it outside, in a dark glass bottle for daily use.

I just eat it raw or usually on a salad. I don’t cook or heat or fry my oils because it changes their structure of it.

However, you can cook in low heat with olive oil and coconut as well.

And I believe eating green olives is better for you than olive oil. The whole olives are in a natural form and will digest and absorb differently and better than the oil version.

green olives

They are also higher in polyphenols and other important anti-inflammatory nutrients.

As you’ve heard me say many times – inflammation is a primary cause of so many health problems, including weight gain.

And I have a free email series about the 3 best ways to reduce inflammation – I suggest you sign up now to reduce your inflammation as soon as possible.


So, there you have it.

  1. Most olive oils are fake.
  2. Make sure you read the labels.
  3. I use Amazon for Bragg’s Olive oil if you want to try it.

Take care of your body. It’s easy, once you know what to do.


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