Dilaudid Versus Morphine

It may seem on the surface that both dilaudid and morphine are the same as both provide pain relief to the body and they are seen as addictive drugs with effects cited as being as strong as heroin. However, there are differences between them as well in terms of strength and their usage which means that which one is taken is very important.


This product is created from poppy plants and is used as an opiate while dilaudid is really synthesized from morphine after it has been processed. As with dilaudid, morphine has certain side effects which include drowsiness, euphoria, congnitive disorder and depression. In terms of side effects, the differences between morphine and diluadid are actually quite small and will depend more on the person taking the drug. However, it is possible to switch from one to the other and downplay or even eliminate some of the side effects.


This is a brand of hydromorphine that is often classified as a semi-synthetic drug. It is actually a member of the family of morphine drugs, but it was not created until about a century after morphine was first used. While similar in many respects, the drug is actually metabolized by the body in a different manner than morphine itself.

Similarities and Differences

Both drugs are well known for their pain relief qualities. However, they are also quite well known for being abused by drug addicts. Each drug is used in hospitals and clinics around the world and is somewhat similar in nature, although there are considerable differences as well.

Dilaudid is roughly three to four times as strong as Morphine which means it provides a more powerful form of pain relief. However, morphine is generally the first drug that is prescribed in order to gauge whether the patient will need a more powerful drug later on for the pain. However, dilaudid offers fewer side effects than morphine which is well noted for its disruptive effects on the mind and body.

It is true that dilaudid is more soluble which means that it takes effect faster than morphine which is why it is preferred after a patient undergoes a major surgery as that might cause a great deal of pain. Plus, dilaudid is believed to be less addictive and therefore safer to use over time than morphine. There are similarities in the side effects to both drugs as they work on the same basis. The feeling of euphoria is one that both drugs share which makes them addictive to certain patients, especially when taken in amounts that exceed recommended doses.

Overall, the differences between dilaudid and morphine are substantial, but also ones that dictate their use among physicians. However, their similarities are also very present as well which means that for most people choosing between one or the other may be a small consideration. In all likelihood you will be given morphine for most types of pain first while dilaudid is reserved either for major surgery or when morphine is not enough of a pain reliever. So, asking for dilaudid first may not be what is recommended.

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