🙃 #1 Exercise For Growing Taller, At Any Age! (2024)

    Video Summary

    Today’s topic is about the best exercise to grow taller. It will work best for younger guys like 18 to 22,23, but also for the older guys to help slow down the shrinking, that naturally occurs as we age.

    The main cause of lower height as we get older is gravity – so what we need to do is undo gravity.

    Yoga and similar stretching exercises are good for you – but they will not help you grow.

    Any exercise that decompresses your spine can help you grow – basically hanging anywhere – at the gym, park etc. If you can hang upside down somewhere – that’s even better.

    I recommend using an inversion board. You can watch a demonstration in the video above.

    Start with a minute or two, at any time during the day – in the morning, after your workout, or in the evening to help you relax.

    Don’t go too hard or too long – just be consistent.

    If you want to grow taller – you can more details in my recent article “The Secret To Growing Taller


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