🏋️ These 3 Exercises Will Keep You SHORT – Get Taller? Don’t Do Them! (2024)

Video Summary

Today’s article is about 3 exercises you should avoid if you want to grow taller.

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Overhead presses
  • Shrugs

These exercises can potentially compress your spine – especially if done incorrectly – as most people do.

They are not squeezing and feeling the muscle like you are supposed to. They just lift it up and down, up and down – and that is causing a lot more compression to the spine on the bottom.

The biggest issue with this is that it’s causing a lot of stress on your nervous system.

When you are growing – your nervous system is already under stress. These exercises put additional stress on it – and the cortisol goes up. You don’t want that at any age.

As cortisol levels go up – your body shuts down. It’s in survival mode. You are not sleeping well.

When you are not sleeping well, eating a lot of junk foods, and drinking a lot of energy drinks  – you are not creating the hormones you should. And now you are compressing your spine with all the incorrectly performed exercises.

With all of that – your cortisol goes up, your testosterone goes down, your estrogen goes up – and estrogen makes your bones fuse earlier – which keeps you shorter.

Instead, you can do one-leg squats – which are very effective at building muscles and not compressing your spine.

If you want to keep working out for a long time and look and feel good – preserve your joints and spine.

If your goal is to grow taller – I have a special link for you: “The Secret To Growing Taller

And one specific exercise which can help you grow: “#1 Exercise For Growing Taller


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