Top 10 Causes Of Death In Men

    The below info-graphic reveals some very interesting and “not-so-positive” statistics about men’s health.

    The one primary “problem” I see with men is they don’t pay attention to their health, certainly not the way women do.

    Men typically don’t eat well, don’t see their doctors very often or get general check-ups. YET, they do give a LOT more attention to their “toys” … cars, gadgets, electronics, etc. =)

    My Prescription For Men

    Most men generally like “simple with fast results”. So here are some simple suggestions, that can make big improvements in your health.

    Heart Problems are #1 killer for men (and women) and this can easily be reversed or even prevented with the right lifestyle changes. Here are some important links:

    • Support Healthy Cholesterol – improving your lipid profile with healthy cholesterol levels and optimal HDL/LDL ratios will dramatically reduce your risk for heart disease.
    • Support Healthy Blood Flow – poor blood flow and circulation is another risk factor for heart disease, as well as poor performance in the bedroom.

    Cancerous changes are the #2 killer for men and this really revolves around an improved lifestyle:

    • Diet – Eat less man-made foods and more natural foods – such as vegetables, grains, fruit, organic meats, and LOTS of WATER.
    • Exercise – Ideally weights + cardio. But walking 20-30 minutes, 3x a week will make big improvements in your health and it can be done at any time.
    • Mental Health – Stress is known to increase cancerous cells. So if you are under a lot of extra pressure, then you need to manage your mental health better and try to relax more often. Set aside some “alone time” every day. There are also natural herbs that can quickly help lower stress, relax the mind and improve your mood.

    Hormonal imbalances are also a major cause of illnesses.

    • Improve Your Testosterone – Men over the age of 30 start losing testosterone levels and things really start going downhill after the age of 40. Testosterone is a “youth” hormone that will improve your muscle size, strength, fat loss, mood, and even lower cholesterol levels.
    • Support Healthy Glucose Levels – High blood sugar is a major cause of aging, leading to lowered testosterone, hair loss, belly fat, muscle loss, and moodiness. By eating more natural foods, exercising regularly, and taking key herbs, you can easily support healthy blood sugar levels.

    Simple Solutions & Fast Results

    The above are simple and convenient solutions, that can deliver big results in just a few short weeks – with very little effort on your part.

    But now it’s up to you to take action, click on the above links and get the solutions your body needs!


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