😊 What Is Happiness?… Are you feeling “unhappy” in 2024?

Recently, a conversation with my friend sparked an intriguing discussion about happiness.

What is happiness, and how do we truly achieve it?

This conversation led me to some deep thinking about our constant pursuit of happiness and what it really means to live a fulfilled life.

Happiness: Beyond the Temporary Highs

We often find joy in the small things – a delicious slice of pizza, a scoop of ice cream, or perhaps a fun night out.

But these moments of happiness are fleeting.

It got me thinking, that maybe chasing these temporary highs isn’t what happiness is about.

Could the real pursuit of happiness lie in the journey toward achieving our goals?

The Significance of Goals

Having goals gives us direction.

It’s like setting sail towards a destination, with the journey itself bringing a sense of purpose and fulfillment.


This is particularly evident when observing the effects of retirement on men.

Often, without work or goals, life seems to lose its vibrancy, which can lead to a decline in overall happiness and even health.

Money= Happiness?

When asked about goals, many might say they wish to earn more money.

money happiness

But is that a true goal or just a fleeting desire?

Real goals need to be specific and meaningful.

They should extend beyond just material gains, focusing on personal growth, health, and contributing to the well-being of others.

Three Pillars Of Happiness

  1. Health: Making health a priority is non-negotiable. Whether it’s aiming to improve your cholesterol through diet and exercise or adopting a holistic approach to mental well-being, setting health-related goals is essential.
  2. Relationships: This includes nurturing connections with family, friends, and colleagues. Healthy relationships are a cornerstone of a happy life.
  3. Finances: While money isn’t everything, financial stability enables us to live comfortably and pursue other goals that bring joy and satisfaction.

Finding Joy in Progress

The key to happiness lies in making progress towards these meaningful goals.


Seeing improvement, no matter how small fuels our joy and drives us to continue striving for better.

Happiness – The Power of Giving

True happiness often comes from beyond ourselves.


Helping others, sharing knowledge, and making a positive impact in someone’s life brings a deep sense of fulfillment that material possessions cannot match.

Mental Health and Well-being

On a personal note, the recent loss of my brother to suicide has deeply affected my views on happiness and mental health.

It’s a stark reminder that success and wealth cannot shield us from inner turmoil.

This has reinforced my belief in the importance of prioritizing our mental and emotional health, along with physical well-being.

Your Thoughts?

I’m curious to hear your perspectives.

What brings you happiness?

What goals are you working towards?

How do you find fulfillment in helping others?

Let’s make our health and happiness a priority, discussing and sharing ways to enhance our lives and those around us.

Closing Thoughts

I hope my reflections prompt you to think about your own path to happiness.

It’s a journey, not a destination, and it’s paved with goals that challenge us, relationships that support us, and actions that extend beyond our own needs.

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