🦠 3 Proven Tips For Instantly Boosting Your Immune System In 2024

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As I’ve stated in the past, I just hate being sick. I mean, everyone does, right?

It just drains you mentally, physically, emotionally. And you can’t do anything or even enjoy doing nothing because you’re in pain and you’re suffering.

Sadly, growing up I was always sick.

I got really bad bronchitis when I was young and that turned into asthma.

The kind that I’d wake up in the middle of the night, gasping for air, as if I was underwater and I couldn’t breathe and the harder I tried, the more my throat seemed to close off.

In fact, the first time I had my asthma attack was in the middle of the night and I was afraid to go to sleep the next couple of nights because I didn’t want to die.

asthma attack

I then took asthma drugs and it was a miracle, everything was fixed.

It’s probably one of the reasons I got into medicine I think.

Then in my 20s, I was sick a lot more than I should have been.

A perpetual cold that never seemed to go away.


Then the yearly sinus infections…. Where it felt like I had 20 cavities because everything in my face hurt.

Mind you, this entire time I’m eating healthy, exercising, no drugs or alcohol, or anything bad.

Just school, work, and the gym.

I’d have school during the day and then I’d work nights and weekends as well, with my own business…

And that was the problem – I was pushing myself all the time, especially at the gym.

No matter how I felt, even if I was tired, if it was supposed to be a heavy leg day, I’d do it. I’d push and push. I never backed down.

I was determined to get stronger and grow every single workout.

I’d leave the gym feeling like junk as if I just got done wrestling King Kong or something.

My hands and legs would be shaking because my adrenaline glands were fried and my stress and cortisol levels were through the roof because of the crazy workout I just did.

Of course, this also ruined my sleep, which made all of this 10x worse.

The end result was I was always tired, I felt burned out, I was irritable, had horrible sleep, and had the opposite results at the gym – I was getting smaller, weaker, and fatter.


Not to mention, my sex drive was horrible because my testosterone was super low from all of the physical stress.

And if I was dieting to get lean and “ripped”, well… all of this was much worse.

Obviously, this frustrated me even more.

Of course, down deep I knew better… I knew I needed more balance and all of these things.

But you know, when you’re young and driven and passionate or even obsessed about improving something…. You lose sight of what’s important.

Boosting My Immune System

Then one day, when I was super sick, I decided to look at my journal notes and I saw patterns that started to explain why and when I’d get sick.

What triggers caused my immune system to crash.

I just knew that I couldn’t keep going like this.

And after lots of experimenting and testing different immune-boosting tactics and so forth, I finally found out what works for me, and then I applied it to others.

Then I took the best tactics that worked for almost everyone, which were easy to implement and gave fast results and I would then just give the same protocol to my friends, patients, and clients.


And to make a long story short, for the past couple of decades, I’ve rarely gotten sick.

Especially in the past decade as I’ve fine-tuned things even more.

I can’t remember the last time I ever got the flu and I never get the flu shot.

If I start to feel a little cold coming on, I know exactly why, and within 2-3 days, it’s totally gone because I make some lifestyle changes and add in a ton of extra supplements.

And I no longer get sinus infections either, which is awesome.

As far as my clients and patients, similar results.

People with genetic auto-immune problems are so much healthier.

People who have diseases and bigger health issues are also feeling so much better and energized.

Everyone can tell that their body is just more resilient and stronger, like when you’re younger.

Boosting YOUR Immune System

Okay, so how does this all apply to you?

Boosting the immune system is two parts.

First we need to REMOVE the negative, which is lowering your immune system.

Second, we need to ADD in the positives, which will improve your immune system.

This is what makes you almost bulletproof.


I’ve put together an entire email and video series about this. You can get access to it for free, by visiting the links below.

However, I don’t want you to leave empty-handed.

So, I’m going to give you the 3 best, easiest and quickest ways to boost your immune system.

Better Sleep

Hands down, sleep fixes almost anything.

So, you must get better sleep.

Not necessarily MORE sleep, even though many people need to do this as well.

But BETTER and DEEPER sleep is the key.


This also means NOT taking drugs to help you sleep – this includes prescription, over the counter, alcohol, and marijuana.

All of these impede deep REM sleep, which means your body doesn’t heal and repair properly.

Again, I go much deeper into how to do all of this in my email/video series, and you get access to it below.

But do your best to go to bed earlier and turn off and dim all the lights. Give sleep a bigger priority.

More Sun

Just like sleep, we need the sun – all organisms do. It has amazing healing powers.

In the morning, go outside, take a 10-20 min walk, breathe deeply, get sun on your body and face. No sunglasses either.

This boosts your immune system, increases vitamin D – which most people are deficient in.


In fact, I suggest taking extra Vit D and K

The right form and dose are also very important and I talk about this in my email/video series that’s linked below.

Getting sun first thing in the morning also helps improve your sleep at night by improving melatonin production, which boosts your immune system.

Additionally, the sun has many antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits. It’s super powerful and healthy.

And it’s FREE!

Reduce Stress

Stress is a major immune suppressor because of the negative effects it has on your hormones.

As stress hormones such as cortisol go up, there’s a cascade of negative effects… such as lower testosterone levels, growth hormones, thyroid levels, and an increase in insulin.

Not to mention other immunosuppressive chemical changes and whole-body inflammation.

Plus, negative changes in your sleep and lower melatonin levels.

Lots of negative changes due to stress!

The problem is that stress shows up in many ways and forms.

For me, it was too much exercise and work, not enough sleep. Plus, over dieting was very stressful for my body as well.

For others, it can be emotional stress – money, relationships, and so forth.

And for many people, it’s just the negative, inner dialog they have with themselves – which is the worst of all.

Again, I cover all of this in my email and video series that you can get access to below.


However, today think about situations or people in your life that cause you unnecessary stress.

And then, see how you can reduce these “stressors”.

For example, for me it’s super easy – I don’t watch the news. It’s always negative.

Also, stop wasting your time worrying about things you have no control over, such as the past or the future.


Now, there are lots of things you can do to boost your immune system and I cover the most important ones in my email/video series which you can get access to for free.

Just click on this special link!

But at the very least, make sure you:

  1. Give sleep a bigger priority.
  2. Take a walk every morning outside and get some sun.
  3. Try to reduce stressors in your life.

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