💊 What’s The Best Vitamin For Supporting Healthy Immune System In 2024?

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If you had to pick one vitamin for promoting a healthy immune system, what would it be?

First, the best “vitamin” I would say is Vitamin D.

BUT, it’s not technically a vitamin, it’s actually a hormone… And that’s why it’s so powerful!!

However, there is a REAL vitamin that I would technically list as #1. But, I want to finish off the Vitamin D topic first because it’s so important…

Simple Facts About Vitamin D

  1. It’s primarily produced by the sun and UV rays, hitting your skin, interacting with cholesterol, and other factors to help produce vitamin D in your body.
  2. Most people are deficient in Vitamin D. One main reason is due to lack of sunlight.
  3. Vitamin D should be taken with Vitamin K, another fat-soluble vitamin. They work together to help absorb calcium into your bones and not into your arteries.
  4. The correct forms are vitamin D3 and K2 (MK-7)
  5. Micro-encapsulated, plant-based D3 is better absorbed.
  6. As far as dosages, the ideal and healthy dose is 125 mcg of D3 (5000 units) + 50 mcg of K2. Take this daily, in the morning with food.

If I’m feeling sick, I actually take 4x this dose for a few days, and immediately I’m feeling well.

It seems almost overnight my immune system shoots up and kills everything bad in my body.

The product I use is Perfect Vitamin D&K –  it contains all the right amounts, dosages, etc.

TRUE vitamin for the Immune System

Vitamin D is fantastic – but as stated already, it’s technically not a vitamin.

A true vitamin that I think is best for promoting a healthy immune function is Vitamin C

I take about 3000-5000 mg daily and up to 10,000 when I’m feeling sick or stressed out.

I’ll get much deeper into Vitamin C and the immune system in future articles – the best form, dosages, when to take it, etc.

Meanwhile – make sure you keep your Vitamin D&K levels at optimal levels and add in 3-5 grams of Vitamin C daily.

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