Does Curcumin/Turmeric Kill Libido, Erections & Sex Drive?

"YES - I Want LESS Pain & Inflammation"

Does curcumin kill libido because it increases serotonin levels?

Curcumin works to help promote a healthy inflammatory response

It’s actually been linked to an increase in testosterone levels in some studies. And yet in other studies about the prostate, it decreased the size of the prostate and one reason was, a decrease in testosterone and DHT.

I take it and I feel no difference in my libido. Yet, some people have reported it.

The SECRET is always in the dose and do not use it in high doses.

Yet, if your goal is to improve inflammation, which we all need to do, it’s best to take the lowest effective dose of curcumin extract, with OTHER healthy inflammatory ingredients and herbs. So you get even an even better inflammatory response, without the worry of the negative side effects.

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