Does Vitamin D3 Increase Testosterone

For men who are having difficulty getting lean and in shape, taking testosterone supplements has certainly helped when their own bodies do not produce them at a normal level. However, is it possible to use other natural substances to boost the body’s own production of testosterone?

There have been a few studies that suggest an increase in Vitamin D3 may very well help men produce more testosterone in their body once they begin to reach middle age. While there are many who have touted the role the Vitamin D3 has played in greater testosterone production, the studies are still being gathered to see if they indeed offer the best results.

Why Vitamin D3 May Increase Testosterone Levels

Although no definitive studies currently exist, there is still some good evidence to suggest that Vitamin D3 does play a solid role in helping men produce more testosterone naturally.

Relationship of Vitamin D to Testosterone Levels: There has long been a correlation to low Vitamin D levels in the body and low testosterone levels as well. This is especially true in men who are overweight as well. However, an old scientific principle is correlation does not imply causation, so a direct link is needed.

Testosterone Generation: In studies on mice, those that have no receptors for Vitamin D did suffer from less than normal levels of testosterone. This is a stronger indication that Vitamin D plays a role in the production of testosterone.

Inhibit Aromatization: In other words, Vitamin D3 helps to inhibit the body’s process of changing testosterone to estrogen in men. This means that more testosterone actually stays in the body of men.

Of course, one of the more interesting factors is if a simple vitamin can actually help the body produce more of anything or does it simply allow for greater production to occur? In and of themselves, vitamins are essential elements of the body that help it maximize performance. But do they really add a new source of materials that can be used for the creation of testosterone?

Is Vitamin D3 a True Booster of Testosterone?

Since almost all generation of testosterone in the male body comes from the testes, the production of this substance uses different elements in order to create the testosterone itself. It is possible that Vitamin D3 plays a role how testosterone is created, but it does seem from the evidence available that it helps the body to produce a little more, but it in and of itself is not a generator.

In other words, a man increasing his intake of Vitamin D3 would help his body produce more testosterone in modest levels because it aids in the production process. It does not however act as a generator for more testosterone in the body itself.

Therefore, men who are looking to significantly boost their testosterone levels may not find Vitamin D3 sufficient in that regard. However, they may find it helpful as part of an entire system of healthy supplements to the body to get the most natural testosterone production possible.

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