HGH Pros and Cons

When it comes to building up muscle tissue, one of the more interesting developments in recent years is the use of HGH. Injections of HGH are considered illegal for most professional sports as it gives physical advantages, but for everyday use from helping people to lose fat and feel more energetic, HGH has become quite popular in recent years.

What is HGH?

Standing for Human Growth Hormone, HGH is a natural hormone that is generated by the pituitary gland during our childhood and teen years. As we age into adults the production of HGH will slow down dramatically, but it actually does not go away as we retain the ability to generate HGH well into our senior years. However, the loss of HGH does more than just affect our growth as it also causes signs of the aging process where we lose energy, the weakening of bones and muscle tissue along with the appearance of wrinkles and even memory loss.

What Are the Pros of HGH?

There are a number of benefits to taking HGH hormones which is why you will find them in so many consumer products.

Greater Energy Levels:
Arguably the most noticeable benefit is the increased energy levels that help people feel younger and more alive. This means that people can get more done during the day and actually sleep better at night when using this increased energy.

Better Weight Loss:
Greater energy means higher metabolism and the burning away of excess fat when eating a healthy diet and engaging in proper exercise.

Improved Health and Body Function:
Taking HGH in the proper dosage is in some ways like turning back the clock with an improved immune system, better body function and overall increased energy and sex drive.

What Are the Cons of HGH?

However, despite all the benefits there are some disadvantages to taking HGH, so the consumer will need to be aware before deciding on going with this program.

HGH injections cost a considerable amount of money and a typical year-long session will reach into the thousands of dollars. You can expect to visit the medical practitioner several times a month just to maintain the therapy.

Reduced HGH Production:
Because you are getting HGH from an outside source, your own pituitary gland will shut down the production of your natural HGH. This means that once you cut back or stop using the HGH injections, your body will rapidly return to its former state because it is no longer producing any HGH.

Increased Health Risk:
Studies have shown that increased levels of HGH above what is normal for the body puts you at risk of joint inflammation, deformities in bone growth, high blood pressure and even diabetes.

All things considered, the natural production of HGH from your pituitary gland is a much safer and natural way to get all the benefit rather than taking outside injections. If you can find ways to have the natural production increased, then you can reap the same benefits with far fewer drawbacks. Overall, taking HGH injections should be reserved for those who are recommended to do so under a doctor’s care.

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