Is Low Testosterone Curable

    Men who have low levels of testosterone will often suffer from having low energy levels and low libido as well. As part of the aging process testosterone levels will drop similar to estrogen levels in women as they age. However, four out of ten men above the age of 45 will have lower than normal levels of testosterone which will need some form of treatment in order to raise those levels back up again.

    However, low testosterone levels are not so easy to diagnose because it is possible for a man to have normal levels of the total amount of testosterone in the body, but the portion of what is known as “free” testosterone may be lacking. So, properly diagnosing the issue is important for replacement therapy to begin.

    The Benefits of Raising Free Testosterone Levels

    The most obvious benefit that is noticed is the increased interest in sex and turning back the clock when it comes to maintaining erections and the enjoyment of having orgasms. That is usually a good enough reason for many older men to want their testosterone levels returned to normal. However, there are other positive factors as well.

    One of the more interesting studies that has been done concerned how men with lower than normal levels of testosterone may lead to a shorter life expectancy. It is known that low levels of testosterone in men contribute to level of obesity, diabetes and even osteoporosis all of which may contribute to a shorter life expectancy. Therefore, increasing the levels of testosterone back to their normal state may help in keeping these men living longer.

    In addition, there have been studies that tie low testosterone levels to heart issues and ailments which again may affect the life expectancy of men. For many, restoring proper level of testosterone may have many beneficial effects.

    The Risks of Boosting Testosterone Levels

    However, there are some risks in trying to artificially boost testosterone levels as well. Raising the amount of testosterone does incur some risks because of the effects on the body. What may be “normal” levels for a man of a certain age does not mean that their bodies are going to react in an always positive manner.

    Increasing testosterone levels will also increase the risk of blood clots and stroke which may have serious repercussions. Men with prostate cancer should not have their testosterone levels raised as it may lead to the spreading of the cancer in their bodies. In addition, other unusual side effects include the enlargement of the breast, acne and even sleep apnea which may present real issues as well. However, all such risks are greatly reduced if the treatment stops.

    Overall, the benefits of raising testosterone levels are much greater than the inherent risks if all the precautions are followed. For most men, boosting the levels of their testosterone will have the positive effects needed to overcome the issues of low libido and general tiredness that they are feeling. However, such benefits must be carefully considered and the proper diagnosis must be performed as well to ensure that the right treatment is provided.

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