Pros and Cons of Testosterone Injections

    One of the more interesting aspects of testosterone is that too much of it in the bodies of young men will often provide a negative view of the hormone because of the overly aggressive behavior that it may cause. However, in older men it is the lack of strong testosterone production that provides another negative view.

    The truth is that as men age the levels of testosterone in their bodies goes down which can lead to a number of troubling issues that include low sex drive, the thinning of the bones and feelings of being tired most of the time. In fact, four out of ten men past the age of 45 have lower than normal testosterone levels which has led the popularity of testosterone injections as a substitute.

    But does injecting testosterone into the body really have the effects that have been advertised? The truth is that while additional levels of testosterone does have some positive effects, they are not always positive and it is not the “end-all, be-all” treatment.

    The Curious Results of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Low levels of testosterone causes the libido to sink and men have less interest in sexual relations. However, to increase the levels of testosterone does not cure erectile dysfunction or help men who want to procreate because it actually lowers the level of fertility. When the body has sufficient supplies of testosterone, the brain will then shut off the production of sperm which leads to lower fertility in men. For men who still want to procreate, testosterone therapy is certainly not the answer.

    In addition, men who have breast or prostate cancer should not be give added levels of testosterone either as it may actually aggravate the condition. However, there are some positive results for restoring the normal levels of testosterone in the body itself.

    For men who have low levels of energy and low sex drive, a simple blood test will determine if they have low levels of testosterone. If this is the case, then testosterone booster shots may be recommended. The symptoms of having low testosterone levels go beyond low energy levels to feelings of depression, loss of self confidence and an overall reduction of muscle and body mass as well. A man might decrease his work production rate as well.

    There are factors other than aging with may lower a man’s testosterone levels as well, which include depression or obesity. Turning around such conditions may lead to the increased production of testosterone in the body. There are also narcotic medications that may result in the body producing less testosterone as well.

    Options for Testosterone Therapy

    While direct injections every two weeks is still common, there are other methods that can be used as well. Gels and patches that are applied to the skin will provide testosterone into the body which when taken on a daily basis can help properly boost the levels without the drop off that occurs with injections.

    Men who choose these options should ensure that the product is not touched by children or pregnant women as it may cause unwanted side effects. However, the use of testosterone injections can help raise energy levels and boost libido if done in the proper manner.

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