Review of Lowtiyel Testosterone Gel

You may have heard of Lowtiyel Testosterone Gel that is designed to help improve testosterone levels in the body. The gel has been around for the past several years and is designed to be an alternative to the traditional testosterone injection shots.

But does the gel really work as promised? Plus, is it a safe, effective alternative to the injections which have been the preferred therapy for years? What follows is a breakdown of the positives and potential negatives of men using this gel to replace their testosterone.

What is the Gel?

Basically, this is a clear, translucent gel that is a topical application to the skin. In this manner, men who have low testosterone levels will receive this supplement though the skin which will avoid direct injections. The gel is normally applied to the dry skin of the shoulders and upper arms in the appropriate amounts. Once applied, it is recommended that men wash their hands before the come into contact with women or children who have a slight risk of absorbing any excess testosterone.

The general dosage is about 5 grams per day which can be applied. As a topical solution, a precise amount may never be made but it is generally close enough for it to work.

Benefits of Lowtiyel Testosterone Gel

There are a number of benefits available thanks to this particular product, most of which is designed for middle aged men who have suffered from low testosterone levels.

Easy to Apply: Compared to direct testosterone injections, applying the gel is painless and effective. It is very easy to apply and does not carry the pain or annoyance of having direct injections.

Effective Results: Since the testosterone in the gel is absorbed through the skin, this product does work in the manner described. Daily applications will all be absorbed at roughly the same rate as long as they are applied to the same area of the body.

Even Control of Testosterone: Unlike injections which are performed every couple of weeks with larger amounts of testosterone, the gel provides the daily amount.

The Disadvantages of the Gel Product

However, there are a few disadvantages of this product as well. Although, it should be pointed out that these are minor issues which can easily be avoided.

Irritation of the Skin: For almost all men the gel will not carry any side effects to the skin because it is basically a combination of testosterone and an alcohol gel which will melt away. However, there are a few men with sensitive skin who may suffer from some irritation. In this case, you may have to switch to direct injections.

Flammable: All alcohol gels are flammable, so you will have to be careful not to be around an open flame while applying this gel.

Passing on Testosterone: If the gel is touched by other members of your family, such as your wife or children they may suffer from some adverse side effects. While the chances are very small, you will have to remember to wash your hand with soap after using the product.

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