Can Stress Cause Baldness – Hair Loss Part 5

Too much of the stress hormone cortisol can be literally STRESSFUL as it causes everything related to aging – from inflammation to hair loss! If you want a head full of hair, you will need to lower your cortisol levels. So take some supplements and do something every day to help your body relax. Easy, right?

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So far you’ve learned that men who are losing their hair, typically have

What’s The “Opposite” Of Testosterone?

Now, before I start today’s article… let me ask you a question: What hormone do you think is the “opposite” of Testosterone?…

When I ask this question, most people will say “estrogen”.

Which is incorrect.

Actually, the opposite of testosterone is your stress hormone, cortisol!

Which is a MAJOR problem and causing factor for almost everything related to aging, especially as it pertains to hair loss.

Cortisol & Stress

As this stress hormone goes up, your testosterone drops faster than a brick in your swimming pool.

And this is nature’s way of preventing you from “procreating” and having babies.

Based on thousands of years of evolution, your body thinks that because you are under a lot of stress, there must be a shortage of food or shelter

…or some other problem which can cause death.

Thus, it’s not the best time for you to have babies.

So as cortisol levels go up, your testosterone drops and so does your sex drive.


Additionally, stress causes inflammation in the body.

And inflammation, known in pattern balding as perifollicular inflammation, plays a significant, perhaps the most significant role in hair loss.

Not only does it cause major hormonal imbalances, but it also signals your body to produce various “hair loss” causing factors, enzymes, peptides and so forth.

Again, I want to keep things simple since I know most of us don’t care about the boring medical stuff.

What we want are more head hair, better testosterone, and higher sex drive.

How To Reduce Cortisol

So, how do we reduce cortisol?

  • Sleep as much as your body requires. Thus, don’t wake up to an alarm clock every day. If you’re sleep deprived, go to bed earlier.Sleep
  • Eat 5-6 small meals daily to balance your blood sugar, which helps lower cortisol.Small-Meal
  • Make sure you do something every day to relax, your own personal “hour of power”. That may be going for a walk outside, getting a massage, meditating, stretching, watching something funny, or even taking a quick nap.Massage
  • Take cortisol reducing supplements – such as 3000 mg of Vitamin C daily, Ashwagandha extract, Rhodiola, and Phosphatidylserine.Supplements


So now you know that your goal is to

  • Increase your testosterone
  • Lower your DHT
  • Lower your Estrogen
  • And decrease stress hormones such as cortisol

As you balance these hormones, you’ll see dramatic improvements in your health, testosterone, and hair loss.

By the way, there’s one other problem with stress hormones – they screw around with your thyroid levels, which causes hair loss and fat again… and that’s what I’ll quickly cover in my next article.

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  • lower male hormones (total and free testosterone, DHEA, etc.)
  • higher female hormones (estrogens, prolactin, etc.)
  • high stress hormones (cortisol, adrenalin, DHT, etc.)

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