💊 Propecia/Proscar (finasteride) Side Effects (2024)

A while back I did a multi-part article series on hair losscauses and solutions. I’ll give you the direct link to those articles at the end of this one.

However, I got asked a very important question the other day, one that many guys have asked me over the years about a popular hair loss drug. Tino emailed me and said

I’ve been taking Propecia for my hair loss for 2 years now. It has slowed down my hair loss and I’ve seen benefits. But Dr. Sam – I really need your help. I don’t feel good on it. First my sex drive is down and for sure can’t perform like I used to. I have to work very hard at keeping my erection and it can be embarrassing at times. However, there’s another problem – I feel down. I do not feel happy. I don’t feel depressed, but I have no drive or anything anymore. Not in the bedroom or in life. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to get off the drug?

Actually, this is more common than you think. Merck, the manufacturer of Propecia and Proscar – has mentioned these negative side effects in their package inserts. There are also lots of websites and forums specific to these problems, such as PropeciaHelp.com and many others.


The active ingredient in Propecia and Proscar is finasteride. Propecia is 1 mg and Proscar is 5 mg. Propecia is prescribed for hair loss and Proscar for the prostate.

Both reduce DHT by acting as a type 2, 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor.

And, there’s a much stronger and better drug called Avodart, with the active ingredient dutasteride. It’s both a type 2 AND type 1, 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor.

And it blocks about 90%, while finasteride does about 70%.

YET, through the past 2 decades of my studying this topic and clients, dutasteride users seem to have LESS side-effects than finasteride. It makes no sense, but it just seems to be the case. I don’t know why.

The Problem With Propecia/Proscar

Nobody knows the exact reason why these drugs cause so many negative side-effects and the truth is, there is no ONE exact reason.

But after 2 decades and hundreds of blood tests – I’ve seen the same pattern over and over again.

First, you don’t want low DHT, you just don’t want “high” DHT. Thus, in the middle range is ideal. When it gets on the lower levels or below normal, which these drugs cause, it negatively affects your drive – mental, physical, and sexual.

Drive propecia proscar

The other problem is as DHT comes down because of these 5-a reductase inhibitors, testosterone goes up, but temporarily — and then it comes back down because there’s more testosterone to convert to estrogen via the aromatase enzyme.

So now, you have much higher estrogen – which causes negative emotional and sexual problems.

Additionally, I’ve noticed higher levels of another female hormone, prolactin. As prolactin goes up, your sex drive further comes down and so does your Dopamine levels. A powerful neurotransmitter that increases happiness and drive – both in life and in the bedroom.


Lastly, there’s less blood flow due to lower levels of PDE-5 enzyme and Nitric Oxide, which ends up causing impotence and difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.

These are all the problems that happen when you start screwing around with ONE hormone. It causes a negative ripple effect.

The Secret To Fixing It

Now, I’m not saying to get off Propecia, especially if you are seeing positive hair growth. This is up to you.

However, you DO need to rebalance and optimize your hormones, to similar ratios when you were a teenager and your early 20s — when you felt and performed the best, and had the most head hair.

This means:

  1. Decrease elevated estrogen levels.
  2. Lower prolactin levels.
  3. Increase testosterone – which does NOT cause hair loss, but DOES improve your sex drive, muscle mass, fat loss, and mood.
  4. Raise your dopamine levels – you’ll be happier and hornier.
  5. Increase Nitric Oxide and inhibit PDE-5 enzyme for better blood flow and erections.

Do these 5 and you’ll fix the negative side-effects of finasteride (Propecia/Proscar) because you’ll be rebalancing and optimizing your hormones to their youthful levels.

You’ll also have better hair and a healthier prostate as well.

As I’ve stated many times, genetics aside – the way you look and feel is based on your hormones and neurotransmitters.


Of course, you’re probably thinking “Okay, great… BUT HOW do I do all of this?!!”

I have a direct link to natural herbs and vitamins that will help accomplish these goals, naturally – without drugs. And a formula that I use myself.

Plus, here’s the link to the multi-part article series about hair loss that I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Just know that you have to fix these hormonal imbalances NOW because it’s only going to get worse as you get older. And life is too valuable to have emotional and sexual problems, wouldn’t you agree?

Now you can have your hair, perform sexually, and feel great!

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