10 Major Benefits Of HIGH Testosterone Levels (Clinically Proven)

Most men do NOT have optimal testosterone levels these days, at ANY age.

For example, a total testosterone range in America on a blood test will be between 250-1100 ng/dL

For my clients, I want them to be over 750 ng/dL.

Raise Testosterone Naturally…

IF the testosterone levels are raised NATURALLY to the highest levels, even if it’s over 1100 – guys almost always feel and look better.

Again, NATURALLY is the keyword here.

This means diet, exercise, rest, and supplementation with specific clinically proven herbs and supplements.

Raise Testostosterone Artificially…

However, IF these higher testosterone levels are achieved artificially and exogenously through the use of testosterone therapy (TRT), typically does NOT cause all the same positive effects.

Your testicles stop working and lots of OTHER hormones also stop being produced.

Optimizing hormones levels NATURALLY from within is much better than the use of external and exogenous drugs and hormones.

Positive Effects Of Testosterone

So assuming you’ve increased testosterone naturally, then some of the positive effects will typically be:

1 – Muscle & Strength Gains

When you hit puberty you started to gain a bunch of muscle and strength – well, a primary reason for this is high testosterone levels.

This is also why as you get older, it’s so much harder to gain muscle mass and strength due to the lower testosterone levels.

2 – Fat Loss (Belly)

During puberty, you also start to get leaner and it’s much easier to get six-pack abs. Again, testosterone is a primary reason.

When you get older and testosterone levels drop, you start to have a lot more belly fat.

3 – More Energy

Another benefit of having optimal testosterone levels is you have a lot more energy. When you’re in your 20’s, you can easily get by with less sleep.

This is also why older men who have lower testosterone are always tired.

4 – Higher Sex Drive (Libido)

Higher testosterone is correlated with higher libido and sex drive.

In addition to higher libido, you’ll also have much better, fuller, and harder erections.

5 – Happier Mood & More Driven

One of the best and safest anti-depressants is higher testosterone levels – in both men and women.

You’re happier and more driven.

6 – Aggressive Behavior

One of the pros or cons, depending on how you look at it and your genetic personality is that the increase in testosterone can cause more aggressive behavior.

Be mindful of this if you already have an aggressive personality type.

7 – Healthy Immune System

Optimal hormonal balance and testosterone levels can dramatically improve your immune system and make everything stronger and more resilient.

8 – Healthy Heart

The heart is a muscle. And a healthy heart pumps blood to the rest of the body, providing your entire body with the oxygen needed for peak performance.

Sadly, low testosterone levels are linked to a variety of cardiovascular risks.

9 – Healthy Brain

Naturally, high testosterone is good for your muscles and body, as well as your brain.

Your cognition and memory improve, your brain thinks faster, your verbal and math skills also improve.

10 – Bigger Genitals

Higher testosterone levels also mean a fuller and larger penis – again, since it is a muscle.

Your testicles will also grow in size, ONLY if you increase your testosterone levels naturally – from within.

But if you take exogenous testosterone – such as injections and creams, your testicles will shrink for sure.

Two Bonus Benefits:

  • Faster Hair Growth
    During puberty is the hair gets thicker, and also starts to grow much faster.
  • Stronger Bones
    Testosterone also plays a big role in bone mineral density.

Some simple, easy and natural ways to increase your testosterone levels are in these important videos and articles.

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