10 Ways Cannabis Affects Libido, Testosterone & Sexual Performance

I’ve been getting lots of questions about cannabis and marijuana the past couple of years, especially, since it’s been legalized in so many states here in the US.

Of course, most of the questions are sexually related… This is what I’m going to cover today:

    1. Testosterone levels
    2. Libido
    3. Sex drive (physical & emotional)
    4. Orgasm quality
    5. Premature ejaculation
    6. Erectile dysfunction
    7. Man boobs/gynecomastia
    8. Sperm quality & fertility
    9. Sexual pleasure & sensations
    10. Difference between men vs women

One thing I’d like to mention before starting…Just like any drug, marijuana affects everyone differently, based on genetics, hormones, and of course, the TYPE of cannabis and dose.

Of course, I am NOT condoning the use of Marijuana and NEVER breaking the law. I’m just here answering the top questions I’ve been asked.


So I’ll start with the #1 question I get, how does pot affect testosterone levels? Generally speaking, chronic use LOWERS both total and free testosterone levels, while increasing SHBG at the same time.

Yes, there are studies that show otherwise. But like I said, too many factors are involved and studies are never done very accurately.

cannabis lowers testosterone

However, anecdotally and in my opinion over the past few years, I can for sure say that using cannabis lowers testosterone levels.

Now, if you want to still use it – that’s fine. Just take some other natural herbs and vitamins that’ll quickly fix this and shoot up your testosterone levels.

Premature Ejaculation

Now, a lot of guys have premature ejaculation or at the very least, they’d like to last longer.

cannabis and premature ejaculation

Some studies have shown that men who frequently use cannabis, orgasm quickly and complain about being “dissatisfied with the length of their sexual performance”.

However, you’d think that with the lower testosterone levels, they would last longer.

Longer-Lasting Orgasms

Ironically, even though using marijuana may cause you to orgasm faster than you’d like, apparently your orgasm typically lasts longer.

cannabis and orgasm

This is even more evident in women.

No science behind this, just a lot of user feedback.

Man-Boobs / Gynecomastia

There is also evidence that shows men who use lots of marijuana, tend to develop man-boobs or gynecomastia.

Now, why is this?

Well, for one reason – the lowered testosterone levels may cause an imbalance and thus, leave you to have higher estrogen levels, which causes breast growth.

cannabis and man boobs

Another reason could be that people who chronically use cannabis, tend to eat more and then gain fat. Fat cells produce more estrogen and thus, can lower testosterone and cause gynecomastia.

Keep in mind, that genetics also plays a role here.

However, hormones can definitely trigger genes.

Sexual Pleasure & Sensation

It’s been shown that having sex while “high on pot” can actually increase pleasure and sensation.

cannabis and sexual pleasure

Maybe this is why men end up having premature ejaculation.

I think the reason for this is also the fact that you’re more relaxed, maybe more focused, and less distracted while being high, rather than being sober.

Erectile Dysfunction & Impotence

Now, this is a big topic for the guys. Not being able to perform, really kills your confidence… not to mention the mood.

As stated earlier, while some people aren’t able to last long after using marijuana, others weren’t able to get it going at all.

cannabis and erectile dysfunction

Studies have shown that erectile dysfunction is three times more likely for daily cannabis users than non-users.

Again, this comes down to hormonal imbalance, the increase in estrogen and female hormones, while simultaneously decreasing the primary hormone that controls your sex drive – testosterone.

So, either decrease the cannabis or improve your hormones.

Sperm Count, Quality & Fertility

If your goal is to have a baby or you care about your sperm, you better think twice about using cannabis.

cannabis and sperm quality

A 2015 study found that male sperm counts drop by 28% if they used marijuana more than once per week compared with those who did not use it at all.

That’s right – just ONCE a week causes a 28% drop in sperm count and quality.

Again, all hormone-related…

Libido & Sex Drive

Now comes another fun fact … While marijuana may cause a decrease in testosterone and erectile problems, as stated earlier, it may NOT have the same negative effects on your libido.

One study found that people who use marijuana were more likely to have more sexual encounters and partners than people who do not use cannabis.

marijuana and sex

On average, marijuana users had about 20% more sex than non-users.

Again, this isn’t a study about the scientific effects of marijuana and how it affects the brain, but it does show that if you use marijuana, you’re probably getting lucky a little more than people who do not.

Of course, this also probably has to do with your environment, the people around you, lowered inhibitions, age groups, so on and so forth.

Difference Between Men Vs Women

Now, most of today’s talk was geared toward men. But, how does marijuana affect women and their sex drive?

In one study it showed that women who used cannabis before sex were about 2x happier… They reported higher sex drive, improvement in orgasms, and a decrease in pain.

women and cannabis

I think with women, it’s more to do with their minds and allowing them to relax and have lowered inhibitions. Similar to alcohol.

And, similar to alcohol for men, marijuana may relax them and give them more confidence. Unfortunately, their physical performance suffers due to the negative hormonal effects.

And for some, cannabis just makes them tired and completely disinterested in doing anything – including having sex.

Bottom Line

So what does all of this mean for you?

Well, you need to see how you perform and feel. You have to be honest with yourself.

One thing is for sure, chronic use of cannabis even 1-2x weekly, let alone daily, for sure negatively affects your hormones and causes negative sexual performance.

So, you may consider using a lower dose or less often.

And make sure you improve your hormones naturally and increase your testosterone levels, even if you choose to continue using cannabis, by utilizing natural herbs. 

Remember, herbs are very powerful – you just need to use them correctly.

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