3 Biggest Kegel Mistakes For Men & Women

Video Summary

One of my most popular videos and topics has been the Kegel exercise.

Today’s article is about the 3 biggest mistakes people make when doing Kegels.

These mistakes are causing people to not get the maximum benefits or to just give up and quit altogether, which means they get NO benefits at all.

Top 5 Kegel Benefits For Men

  1. Bigger, harder, fuller erections
  2. Preventing and/or reversing erectile problems
  3. Lasting longer during sex
  4. Having much deeper and more intense orgasms
  5. Improving prostate health and incontinence

Top 5 Kegel Benefits For Women

  1. Can reduce and eliminate bladder leakage and incontinence.
  2. It makes the vagina stronger and tighter.
  3. Deeper and more intense orgasms, including multiple orgasms.
  4. More control over the vaginal muscles
  5. It improves pelvic health for older women

3 Biggest Kegel Mistakes

Not Holding & Relaxing Long Enough

Hold the contraction for at least 3 seconds and work up to 10 seconds as you get stronger over time and more advanced.

You also want to fully relax the muscle for 2-3 seconds to let the blood circulate completely.

Not Being Consistent

You need to be consistent. This means doing it week after week, month after month, and so forth.

Start off low. A few minutes, 2-3x weekly. Then slowly build up over time in both duration and number of days per week. Just be consistent.

Overdoing It

Don’t overdo it. Some people start off going full blast, 10 or more minutes, every single day. They start to over-train the muscle and it gets fatigued and weaker, rather than stronger.

So stick to a consistent plan and every 2 weeks or so, add in a little more volume to continue strengthening the muscles around the area.

And don’t forget to take some time off too.

10 minutes, 3-5x a week is all you need for the advanced workout.

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