↘️ 4 Ways To Increase Testosterone & Lower Estrogen In 2024

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, having optimal hormonal balance will help you live longer, have more muscle, strength, higher libido, and better mood.

And BOTH testosterone and estrogen affect men and women in POWERFUL ways.

High estrogen is BAD for both men and women because it’s linked to breast and prostate cancer.

In fact, did you know that high estrogen levels can be influenced by several factors? Things like what you eat, how much body fat you have, and your genetics can all come into play.

But don’t worry, there are things you can do to get those levels back in check. You could try changing up your diet, taking some supplements, or even some medication.

To reduce estrogen levels, you can take supplements like white button mushroom extract and DIM or use hardcore drugs like aromatase inhibitors. Not only will this help lower your estrogen, but it can also indirectly increase your testosterone levels.

It’s important to note that low levels of estrogen should be avoided, as this hormone has many benefits for your brain, including improving libido and muscle growth.

To reduce estrogenic compounds in your body, try incorporating natural proteins like grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, and pasture-raised chicken and eggs into your diet.

Natural estrogen blockers and inhibitors, such as DIM and grape seed extract, can also be used to lower estrogen levels.

For an even more powerful impact, try AlphaViril, a testosterone-boosting supplement that not only increases testosterone levels but also helps to lower excess estrogen levels and balance DHT levels.

Finally, if you want to balance your estrogen and testosterone levels, consider reducing external estrogens found in milk and processed meats.

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